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Gone are the days where people wait for next months magazine to read the latest marine news! In the 21st century the internet is where the news readers go and with 75%+ of New Zealand's internet users on broadband and thousands more accessing it via smart phones, this is the future! logo    Powerboat-World,com logo    FishingBoating-World,com logo    MarineBusiness-World,com logo



As sailors worldwide vote with their mice, companies are realising that they need to adjust the distribution of their advertising budgets to include internet-based visibility, with many looking to reduce their print advertising to get online in front of this larger readership. is the largest marine news network in the World

Our 19 regionalised news websites cover New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Canada. These sites include our regionalised Cruising; Powerboat  and Marine Business sites in AUS, USA and Canada plus the FishingBoating-World site. (accessed from bottom of any webpage)


New Zealand also has its own site as well as


These regional sites provide local news coverage as well as the latest global news to keep our readers returning for their daily news fix, with the same local or global reach available for advertisers. Ten sites send out their own e-newsletter to approx 200,000 subscribers every week, with some being three times per week.

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Sail-World/ New Zealand publishes local and international news on the website and sends out over 45,000 e-newsletters each week containing in depth editorial content and lead-in story exerpts linked to the website stories. The websites and newsletters include advertisers ad banners hyperlinked directly to their own website.

All stories  are archived on the site being easily found by online searches, unlike stories in print publications stored on the floor, and all have a Facebook link to be easily shared with friends plus stories can be followed live via our Twitter feeds.


Sail-World readers use the website as a source of technical information on products and services with the inherent good buying opportunities, as well as a reliable and immediate news source. As advertisers are able to inform our readers of their products and services with newsworthy stories, as part of their advertising package, they are able to connect with our readers. is a mainstay source of information for serious sailors because we cover both racing and cruising sailing in great detail. We cover offshore racing, keelboat regattas, match racing and Olympic classes with our news coverage going out to over 900 different media groups including other national and international sailing websites.

 With an average of 220,000 *Unique Visitors/month recorded in 2012 (including 250,000 UV's* during the London Olympics in August) our visitor numbers continue to climb. This is almost triple our 2007 records of 83,000 *UV's/month and we expect to break the 250,000 mark very soon. (*a visitor who visits a site multiple times every day of each month is still recorded as one Unique Visitor, to learn more click here) These visitors  stay on our sites for an average of 12 minutes, being ample time to see our advertisers banners and stories.

Access to our sites and newsletter subscriptions are FREE for its readers as opposed to a magazine where the readers have to pay.


Local or International Advertising Opportunities

Whether your company is a national or international company Sail-World/NZ can address your companies marketing needs for a very effective cost per impression, compared to any print media. and reach local readers as well as the World Cruise, Powerboat and Marine Business publications. Offshore readers can be reached by selecting to advertise in the other regional sites and newsletters, with editors based in these regions.


Thousands of our visitors regularly return for the latest marine news!

Display your ads to these same readers NOW!



Sail-World offers advertisers a number of different promotional packages to fit different budgets.
The cost of an annual Sail-World/NZ promotional package starts from NZ$315
(+ GST) per month and increases based on additional coverage on some of our other 18 websites plus the inclusion of other benefits listed below.

Multiple/International site packages are tailored to match your budget and regional readers you want to reach. 


The following can be included in an advertising package:

 Premium package advertisers get regular editorial coverage, with more newsworthy press releases and company stories allowable which are great to tell your news, announce new product launches, promote upcoming events, etc.  These stories have a large linked footer ad banner attached to their stories allowing readers of the story to see your banner and access your website directly from the story. This is especially powerful in accessing many readers outside the Sail-World readership who find our stories via online searches, due to our sites being 'Google News Indexed' (see below).

 Basic package advertisers are allowed a limited number of company stories compared to a Premium package, that can be circulated via the world wide sites, and the banner size selection is also reduced.

Sail-World can create the ad banner artwork from supplied company logo and other images, following consultations with you,
 for an initial graphics/artwork cost of approx $50 +gst/banner. Otherwise advertisers can create them in-house according to Sail-Worlds graphics specifications.

 Sail-World/Advertisers stories rank high in searches

The Google and Yahoo search engines visit Sail-World every 5 minutes 24/7 and our news links to advertisers websites are delivering a boost in page rankings and search engine listings. Sail-World is the only marine news website included in an elite group of 14,000 Google News-Indexed international media websites in the world, with this advantage creating large volumes of Sail-World and Powerboat-World traffic due to internet searches. This news indexing  also allows other media to find our stories and  run them in their own publications be that news websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, TV, Radio, etc.

This Google recognition accelerates advertisers stories to appear within minutes in online searches opposed to weeks when on other websites. 

Preparing your advertising budget? Boaters have moved online and that process continues to accelerate with broadband and smartphone usage, so you need to make sure that between 40% and 100% of your advertising expenditure is allocated to online media.


So don’t miss the boat

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Contact Colin Preston to learn how the websites can work for your company, product, service or event website. A tailored ad package can be provided after discussing your requirements further. 

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