NZ Multihull Yacht Club announces changes to Coastal Classic

Team Australia (Sean Langman) - Start of Coastal Classic 2013, Waitemata Harbour, October 25, 2013
PIC Insurance Brokers 2014 Coastal Classic.

The Multihull Yacht Club has been listening to the concerns on the web regarding time limits for smaller boats in the Coastal Classic. At this month’s committee the following changes were approved and will apply to the 2014 race.

1. The start times will change for the smaller divisions. Divisions 3, 5 and 8 will now start at 9.30am with Divisions 2 and 4 starting at 9.45am. This is a change from 10.20 and 10.10 respectively.

Divisions 1, 6 and 7 will start at 10.00am as usual.

This change is initiated due to the smaller boats suffering loss of breeze in the Bay of Islands during early Saturday mornings. A 50 minute earlier start time for the small yachts could equate to up to 3 hour advantage at the finish.

2. For the first time in Coastal Racing, on the water finishing will be implemented once the time limit of 1400hrs Saturday afternoon has been reached. Each boat not having reached the finish line will be awarded a finish place based on their GPS position as it relates to distance to go to the finish line. Each boat will have one hour to radio their position to the Coast Guard. Any boat finishing in this manner will not be eligible for handicap prizes, but there will be separate awards for boats finishing in this manner (if any).

This change recognises that yachts who have raced for 26 plus hours should be acknowledged in the finishing results. For the 2013 race this would have affected three boats, but could increase dramatically if weather conditions vary.