Murray River safety review clarification

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Steve Dunn, CEO of NSW Maritime, today ruled out a demerit point system for boat licences in NSW. He also ruled out the introduction of speed cameras on NSW waterways.

'In NSW we have found that our current policy of education and preventative safety measures has significantly reduced the number of boating incidents across the state,' he said.

The Murray River Safety review has been going on since early 2010 following an unusually high number of incidents over that summer.

Mr Dunn said the Review was the result of extensive consultation including a series of local community forums, where the public and stakeholder offered a range of ideas and suggestions.

These included the implementation of wake board and PWC zones, the use of speed cameras, demerit points, signage, and inboard petrol engine blowers and vents.

NSW Maritime and Marine Safety Victoria worked together to identify issues that could potentially improve boating safety and a consultation paper.

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