Mount Gay Rum sponsorship for Raja Muda

Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta 2011
© Guy Nowell / RMSIR
We are happy to announce that Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta (RMSIR) has a new sponsor – Mount Gay Rum, the oldest brand of rum in the world, produced in Barbados since 1703. Warmed by the Caribbean sun, cooled by refreshing trade winds and nourished by tropical rainfall, the sugar cane fields of Barbados yield rich and aromatic molasses, which in turn yield extraordinary rum. Over the last three centuries, Mount Gay Rum has become a veritable emblem of Barbados and its unique life style.

Legend has it that in order to prove the completion of a passage across the Atlantic from the 'New World,' sailors had to bring back a barrel of Mount Gay Rum to add weight to their words. From 17th century voyages to modern day regattas, Mount Gay is the brand of rum for all those who love the sea.

As evidence of its continuing relationship with sailors and ships, Mount Gay currently sponsors 150 regattas around the globe and provides participants with caps bearing its branding together with the regatta name. Today, this red sailor’s cap has come to symbolise an identity that unifies a seafaring family.

This year the Mount Gay logo and those famous 'red caps' will be seen on one Raja Muda entrant, the J 92S Nijinsky. RMSIR hopes to expand its relationship with Mount Gay and to make this Malaysian regatta a full 'red cap' community event in the future.

The good news is that all RMSIR crew members will receive a complimentary shot of Mount Gay Rum at the opening dinner in Port Klang and during the Rickshaw Racing event at Straits Quay in Penang. Once you have acquired the taste, Mount Gay Rum will also be on sale at those events.

To all the avid sailors, do check out the premier online network '' specially created by Mount Gay Rum for sailing enthusiasts across the globe to congregate offshore.

Sailing Spoken Here is designed to appeal to every rank of boater, from weekend yachtsmen to competitive racers. Sailors can celebrate every facet of the sport, connect with fellow enthusiasts, argue a protest, replay a race move, upload regatta pictures and even find a crew.

Go ahead. Enjoy and savour Mount Gay Rum, whichever way you like it. For over 300 years, the brand has been defined by generations of visionaries, whose untiring quest for excellence and innovation explain why Mount Gay is the oldest, as well as the greatest, brand of rum in the world.