Minoprio and Monnin in final - Sopot Match Race

Sopot Match Cup - Toyota Sopot Match Race
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Adam Minoprio had beaten Ian Ainslie in the semifinal. The second semifinal match was won by Eric Monnin, who defeated Keith Swinton, who was the front-runner of the regatta. The weather was perfect for match racing.

Semi-finals results : (win-lose)

Group A:
Ian Ainslie (RSA) 0 - 3
Adam Minoprio (NZ) 3 - 0
Group B:
Eric Monnin (SUI) 3 - 1
Keith Swinton (AUS) 1 - 3

1. Adam Minoprio (NZ)
2. Eric Monnin (SUI)

Under regular weather conditions with wind of 5m/s, quarter-finals and semi-finals were finished. In the semifinals the battle was until the first team won three races.

In the first pair Adam Minoprio fought with Jure Ian Ainslie (3:0) and in the second pair Erin Monnin fought with Keith Swinton (3:1)

Tomorrow morning there will be held the final match Minoprio – Monnin and the battle for the third place Swinton – Ainslie.