Miami Sailing Week Melges 24 - The gap closes

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week - Melges 24
The Melges 24 fleet competing at Bacardi Miami Sailing Week (BMSW) sailed four more races today.

Flavio Favini at the helm of Franco Rossini's Blu Moon, hung on to be first overall.

Closing the gap by another point was Riccardo Simoneschi aboard Audi taking three out of four possible bullets on day 2, inching ever closer to the top spot. Nathan Wilmot at the helm of Conor Clarke's Embarr kept in time with the two all-Italian front-running teams to finish the day in third.

PRO Bruce Golison hinted to the fleet early on that four races may be the way to go since the breeze forecast for Saturday, the final day of Bacardi, might be extremely light in comparison to days past.

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week - Melges 24

Warm temps, 10-15 knots of breeze and classic Biscayne Bay conditions enabled Simoneschi to serve up nothing but speed and great tactics from tactician Gabriele Benussi.

'It was a very good day for us,' said Simoneschi. 'We have not sailed very much this winter, so we are still shaking off the rust. I have been here so many times and the conditions are just incredible. Gabriele really did a terrific job, placing us in all the right places and we had a couple of very good starts.'

'Sunday will be lighter and surely, the approach will be more like match racing with Favini,' continued Simoneschi. 'We are already first and second. It will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Flavio has to finish fourth and we have to win.'

Only one race is scheduled on Saturday.

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week - Melges 24

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week - Melges 24

Melges 24
  1.10 SUI 825Blu MoonMelges 24Franco Rossini / F.Favini, T.Nava, S.Rizzi, M.Ivaldi, N.Dal Ferro 2112422[4] 10.0
  2.19 ITA 819AudiMelges 24Riccardo Simoneschi / lucia giogetti / vittorio rosso / g. benssi / federico buscalia 3521151[5] 13.0
  3.14 IRL 607EmbarrMelges 24Conor Clarke 1246264[6] 19.0
  4.12 USA 812Brick House 812Melges 24Kristen Lane / charli mckee/ jonny golsberry/ willien van way / matt pistay 53314345[14] 23.0
  5.11 USA 811WTFMelges 24Alan Field / strur hunt / rrik shampain / stuart curran 411510736[11] 35.0
  6.47 USA 747MonsoonMelges 24Bruce Ayres / Brian Hutchinson/ dan Smigth/ Oliver Otool/ danielle sariano 77738148[14] 40.0
  7.16 USA 795Rock N RollMelges 24Argyle Campbell / bill wiggens / charlies smythe / charlie enrght / stephanie roble 69881283[12] 42.0
  8.30 GBR 830Black SealMelges 24Richard Thompson / ahawn burke/ nigel young / krista pascaton / anette viborg 1246410159[15] 45.0
  9.80 USA 680RocksteadyMelges 24Cary Siegler / seth siegler/cary sigler/ tom coutne/ quin tobin 101422/OCS15617[22] 53.0
  10.13 USA 619ConvexityMelges 24Don Wilson / jennifer wilson/ taylor confield/josh mccaffrey /janes reynods 912995912[12] 53.0
  11.86 USA 786Battle RhythmMelges 24Guy Mossman / peter cranford / scott norris / 88111291014[14] 58.0
  12.18 USA 118Hot Mess Melges 24Rob Britts / mak liebon/ steve liebel/ dawn engozzi 171314511711[17] 61.0
  13.15 USA 829Navega RacingMelges 24Kurt Winkelmann / brad bostur / ed furry / chris lay 1115107151310[15] 66.0
  14.33 USA 533High VoltageMelges 24August Hernandez / susan Oneal / zack hernandez / david hernandez / maritn jhonsson 136121113/Protest1213[13] 67.0
  15.21 CAN 629ZingaraMelges 24Richard Reid / bill goodrham / rossi miler / dave wright 15101316191620[20] 89.0
  16.44 USA 744BettyMelges 24Jeremy Tudor / jonie tedor/ doug nickles / scott gregory / mike nicolette 16171820181117[20] 97.0
  17.20 USA 720RelentlessMelges 24Scott Foxman / thomas word/ Fred Siegert/ brian huntman 20211713131915[21] 97.0
  18.25 USA 125Just Add WaterMelges 24Roger Counihan / peter rich / todd wilson / chris dold 14161618162119[21] 99.0
  19.22 USA 622ObsessionMelges 24Gary Schwarting / collin wallsh / John jennins / james jennigs / sue mc morron 1819151917/Protest1721[21] 105.0
  20.17 USA 312ShockwaveMelges 24Steven Boho / Catherine Boho 19182017172016[20] 107.0
  21.87 USA 687FirewaterMelges 24George Haynie / jesse combs/ j booker/ a. dalton 21201921141818[21] 110.

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