Marmaris International Race Week Day 3 + Video

2012 Marmaris International Race Week
On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, the 2012 Marmaris International Race Week is well underway. A sleepy fishing village only a few decades ago, these days Marmaris is a sailing and diving center along the coast known as the Turkish Riviera and a great place to visit, even in the autumn.

Today it was particularly hot, and it appeared the weather would not be doing the sailors any favors: serene waters and an almost total lack of wind. Marmaris remained a great place for holidays today – but less so for sailing! However, at 10 am, it was decided the boats should proceed towards the race course. While waiting, the athletes competing here in Turkey took to the waters, basked in the sun and generally enjoyed themselves.

A few sailors thought this was a great opportunity to get some more practice before the race. And some days, in the world of professional sailing, this is the best one can do. In the absence of wind, the race was finally abandoned – and the boats started heading towards the port. Better luck tomorrow!