Maritimo targets South Korea

Maritimo Muster 2007
The Hyundai Yacht Co, a division of the giant South Korean Hyundai Automotive Group, has been appointed authorised dealer for the region by Gold Coast manufacturer Maritimo.

One of the company’s senior engineers, together with a marketing executive, inspected the Maritimo production facilities at Coomera and Hope Island last week and according to the company’s sales and marketing manager, Peter Jenkins, were “overawed.”

“They were really impressed with our manufacturing techniques and with our model range,” Jenkins added.
The Hyundai executives sea-trialled four Maritimo models during their visit.

Hyundai Yacht Co. is rated as one of the world’s largest ship and boat builders, producing extensive ranges of life boats, fishing and patrol boats, ferries and recreational craft (marketed as Sonata Yachts).

The company is headquartered in Seoul, the South Koran capital, and has a worldwide service network with offices or distributors in Melbourne, the United States, India, Spain, the Middle East, Holland, Japan and Vietnam.

“This will not be an overnight success for Maritimo, “Jenkins explained. “There’s a lot of work to be done, particularly with the infrastructure needed, but that’s planned and will happen.

“The company is impressed with our range of boats and we’re both looking forward to a long and profitable relationship,” he added.

Jenkins feels both the flying bridge and cabriolet style will prove successful on a future South Korean market.

For further information contact Maritimo, Hope Island, Gold Coast, telephone (07) 5509-3611.