Loggerhead Turtles return to Queensland in record numbers

Loggerhead turtle
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Loggerhead turtles are returning to Queensland beaches in record numbers, with the highest number of recorded adult females returning to lay eggs since 1984.

Acting Premier Paul Lucas said that record numbers of loggerhead turtles were returning to Mon Repos beach and surrounds, near Bundaberg.

'So far this season, rangers and conservation staff at Mon Repos have recorded over 350 adult female loggerhead turtles returning to lay eggs.' Mr Lucas said.

'With the egg-laying season running to late January, we have already seen a record number of adult females returning to these beaches. 'Levels of returning females as high as this haven’t been seen since 1984, and is a marked shift in population from the record low seen 2000.'

'This success in the size of the population is directly attributable to the introduction of exclusion netting practices by the State and Commonwealth Governments. 'It’s measures like this that the prawn and trawling industry have adopted is directly responsible for more turtles surviving to adulthood, and returning to Mon Repos two or three or more times to lay eggs.'

'It’s a great example of sustainable practices giving a threatened species a second chance at survival.' Mr Lucas said.

The State Government regulated the compulsory use of exclusion netting in the prawn trawler industry in 2000.