Laser Radial Youth World Championships 2012 – Day 3

Maxime Jonker (NED) and Onur Ozkaya (Turkey) - Laser Radial Youth Worlds 2012 Brisbane Australia
There were two races sailed yesterday at the 2012 Laser Radial Youth World Championships being staged from the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Brisbane, Australia.

Tough conditions for the sailors with very light and shifty conditions.

Maxime Jonker (NED), the 2011 Laser Radial Under 17 World Champion and 2011 4.7 European champion retained her lead in the Under 19 Girls.

An eighth in race 2 is Jonker’s current drop in an otherwise consistent performance (1, 1, 3). Jonker leads Australian sailor Madison Kennedy, who had an excellent 2,1 day, by seven points with Daphne Van der Vaart (NED), the silver medalist at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010, third.

In the Under 17 Girls Anna Philip (AUS) leads from Louise Evans (AUS) with Lindsey Baab (USA) third on count back.

An impressive performance from Onur Ozkaya (Turkey) who tops the Laser Radial Youth Boys Overall. With two first places and a second, his first race result (12th) is his current drop.

Harris Mavrogeorgis (Greece) is five points behind, with early overall leader Benoit Lagneux (SUI) dropping back to third, one point behind Mavrogeorgis.

Benoit Lagneux leads the Under 17 Boys fleet by seven points, ahead of Russian sailor Maxim Nikolaev. Sebastian Kalafarski from Poland is third, a further ten points behind Nikolaev.

Principal Race Officer Kevin Wilson was shaking his head as he came ashore. He said 'A tough day for sailors and race officials - much lighter than forecast. PredictWind and Sea Breeze forecast it out of west south west from anything up to about 15 knots and we ended up with 4-6 knots from the north east and it stayed there all day.

'Blue skies and a light teasing north easterly breeze. The course was set up at 040 and the breeze was varying between 4.5 to 6 knots but we were patient and we managed to get two races away.

'The breeze didn’t have vary much but there were places across the course were the breeze faded and came back and faded.

‘Of course they were sailing into the current because it was out of the north east and it was a flooding tide so sailors were having to shift track. Going upwind they were going into the current and downwind they were coming back with it.

‘It was a frustrating day for the race management and probably a frustrating day for the competitors.

‘The current was significant in the light conditions. Some sailors went the wrong way in the current and were burned. Others hit marks because of the current. The jury have had a pretty easy time because they haven’t had any visitors this year.

‘Tomorrow we have three races scheduled to start at midday and the forecast is still showing out of the west south west at the moment, but the race committee is pretty wary of that. We are waiting to see what we have in the morning.'

  2012 Laser Radial Youth Championships Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Nation Leaderboard   Laser Radial Youth Girls Results as of 17:08 on July 1, 2012 Overall Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, To qualify: 4, Entries: 35, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st192645Jonker MaximeNEDMJ5Under 19 Girls1(8)13135
2nd202555Kennedy MadisonAUSMK8Under 19 Girls(18)9213012
3rd195725Van Der Vaart DaphneNEDDV11Under 19 Girls2(32)5115018
4th202353Kaynar PinarTURPK1Under 19 Girls(16)21183721
5th198113Beavis EliseNZLEB3Under 19 Girls6114(20)4121
6th198164Povall GeorginaGBRGP28Under 19 Girls7(10)693222
7th199062Murayama HitomiJPNHM12Under 19 Girls868(19)4122
8th196899Van Rennes NatashaAUSNV3Under 19 Girls(28)71445325
9th196421Bennett MillyAUSMB45Under 19 Girls103(18)134426
10th192640Philip AnnaAUSAP29Under 17 Girls(25)412105126
11th186661Corston CharlotteNZLCC1Under 19 Girls13(16)774327
12th197275Ng Sue ShenSINSN2Under 19 Girls9159(16)4933
13th195537Evans LouiseAUSLE4Under 17 Girls326(27)56134
14th189813Baab LindseyUSALB54Under 17 Girls517(26)126034
15th199776Streater SarahUSASS152Under 19 Girls15120(23)5936
16th197857Theodora Ying Ning NgSINTN1Under 17 Girls(24)213156339
17th192860Barwinska AgataPOLAB11Under 19 Girls414(22)216139
18th202651Vaughan AnnaAUSAV7Under 19 Girls2122(36 DNF)28145
19th196911Nightingale AlexandraNZLAN2Under 17 Girls141917(28)7850
20th202470Cumpsty EllieGBREC28Under 17 Girls205(36 DNF)268751
21st195527Obrien HannahAUSHO4Under 19 Girls27(33)10148451
22nd184010Tada MidoriJPNMT18Under 19 Girls(26)252167852
23rd172295Airiel HoSINAH2Under 19 Girls122419(25)8055
24th202461Pavey RheannaGBRRP69Under 19 Girls171325(27)8255
25th199144Hughes HaddonUSAHH27Under 17 Girls1123(24)228056
26th169684Chesterman SophieAUSSC29Under 19 Girls22(28)16188456
27th197089Silva JuliaBRAJM19Under 19 Girls231228(34)9763
28th202634Schlimbach CassandraAUSCS39Under 19 Girls(33)1830179865
29th194924Ainsworth JacintaAUSJA20Under 17 Girls32(34)152410571
30th202801Hanrahan KelseyAUSKH9Under 19 Girls303113(32)10674
31st192268Barton EmmaAUSEB6Under 17 Girls(31)20233110574
32nd191638Carstairs EmilyAUSEC17Under 17 Girls1927(32)3010876
33rd193142Numa Rose-leePNGRN2Under 17 Girls(34)29292912187
34th193341Davis EmmaUSAED29Under 19 Girls293031(33)12390
35th192276Lowther LauraNZLLL2Under 19 Girls(35)353335138103

  2012 Laser Radial Youth Championships Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Nation Leaderboard   Laser Radial Youth Boys Results as of 17:07 on July 1, 2012 Overall Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, To qualify: 4, Entries: 70, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st161912Ozkaya OnurTUROO8Under 19 Boys(12)112164
2nd196393Mavrogeorgis HarrisGREHM3Under 19 Boys2(16)61259
3rd201424Lagneux BenoitSUILB4Under 17 Boys25(16)32610
4th201111Tomasgaard HermannNORHT2Under 19 Boys1(10)552111
5th195718Van Aanholt JustAHOJV1Under 19 Boys42(27)63912
6th202810Walkemeyer BenAUSBW14Under 19 Boys44(12)42412
7th185806Pepper MahiaNZLMP9Under 19 Boys(19)3383314
8th198358Kiss MitchellUSAMK45Under 19 Boys734(11)2514
9th196881Mckenzie AndrewNZLAM21Under 19 Boys582(10)2515
10th171513Nikolaev MaximRUSMN2Under 17 Boys863(20)3717
11th175595Perdomo Juan CarlosPURJP3Under 19 Boys(19)4593718
12th186152Bos DukoNEDDB9Under 19 Boys(18)11173719
13th199225Kempkers MatthewNZLMK10Under 19 Boys810(22)14119
14th199104Smith DanielAUSDS33Under 19 Boys3710(14)3420
15th201985Rodopman AlpTURAR1Under 19 Boys6(18)4154325
16th168060Kalafarski SebastianPOLSK5Under 17 Boys201(28)65527
17th195542Le Roy CullenNZLCL4Under 17 Boys105(15)124227
18th195724Spelde RickNEDRS12Under 19 Boys32(36 DNF)236428
19th198106Collinson Jack AyrtonNZLJC15Under 19 Boys(26)121335428
20th190468Willard LawsonUSALW31Under 17 Boys1297(22)5028
21st176530Namli Cem DenizTURCN2Under 19 Boys166(19)74829
22nd201504Felsenthal JackAUSJF20Under 19 Boys9(22)8125129
23rd202647Spearman MarkAUSMS40Under 19 Boys11(17)1184730
24th199109Connor NicholasAUSNC12Under 17 Boys(15)126134631
25th198904Green AndrewGBRAG46Under 19 Boys(23)181325633
26th201486Hirakawa TatsuyaJPNTH14Under 19 Boys(25)20945833
27th197850Jevyn Jingrui OngSINJO3Under 17 Boys107(18)165133
28th195737Tretyakov DmitryRUSDT5Under 19 Boys7(36 BFD)2357135
29th185041Elstrodt AlexanderBRAAE6Under 19 Boys11322(27)6336
30th187600Broekhuizen NielsNEDNB4Under 19 Boys58(30)277040
31st196283Fields NathanUSANF11Under 19 Boys(22)1416106240
32nd198363Puopolo AndrewUSAAP58Under 19 Boys141610(33)7340
33rd199092Andersen ChrisAUSCA6Under 17 Boys1415(17)115740
34th193921Nicodemus Tan Wei AnnSINNT2Under 19 Boys(29)179157041
35th195231Magnusson MarcusSWEMM6Under 19 Boys61919(36 DNF)8044
36th193919Mark WongSINMW1Under 19 Boys9(27)21177447
37th202618Kitamura YuichiroJPNYK9Under 19 Boys161417(31)7847
38th197274Gowans RhettAUSRG14Under 17 Boys23(25)12137348
39th190464Broussard ClayUSACB142Under 19 Boys132114(30)7848
40th197287Bates WilliamAUSWB17Under 17 Boys25(26)7187650
41st196295Kawamura GakuJPNGK3Under 19 Boys(30)268168050
42nd199245Hartnett BenjaminAUSBH12Under 17 Boys1724(30)98050
43rd201538Johnson HaydenAUSHJ3Under 19 Boys(28)920217850
44th196415Corston CharlesNZLCC6Under 17 Boys(24)2011197450
45th197252Inglis KeithNZLKI1Under 19 Boys(27)242257851
46th200888Wetherell HenryGBRHW23Under 17 Boys(21)1320197352
47th199796Lamphere MalcolmUSAML56Under 17 Boys11(36 BFD)14288953
48th202437Preece JackGBRJP88Under 19 Boys2415(25)178156
49th201506Vincent ThomasAUSTV3Under 19 Boys1321(26)248458
50th193923Tan Yong JieSINYT1Under 19 Boys152223(33)9360
51st202972Morton HarryAUSHM7Under 17 Boys20(23)21228663
52nd192709Fitzsimons BerrickNZLBF2Under 17 Boys2211(33)319764
53rd202054Eames ChristopherGBRCE27Under 19 Boys1719(31)309766
54th93035Mcmillan JoeAUSJM34Under 19 Boys272515(28)9567
55th201521Plenderleith StuartAUSSP22Under 17 Boys(32)2318269967
56th196864Miller JacobNZLJM20Under 17 Boys(32)30241410068
57th201520Conly ShaneAUSSC41Under 17 Boys(33)27251810370
58th193132Charlie MarksonPNGMC1Under 19 Boys1831(34)2310672
59th198125Brooks-duncan JoshuaAUSJB61Under 19 Boys(31)30262010776
60th199110Dargaville WilliamAUSWD1Under 19 Boys(29)29272110677
61st202629Scott JamesAUSJS58Under 19 Boys21(32)312611078
62nd187895Telford BeynonAUSBT19Under 17 Boys(35)29242511378
63rd167056Billington ToddAUSTB33Under 17 Boys34(36 BFD)282412286
64th190354Whitley MarcusAUSMW33Under 19 Boys26(32)322911987
65th202632Bassili EliotUSAEB84Under 19 Boys302829(32)11987
66th193143Numa JohnPNGJN1Under 19 Boys283129(32)12088
67th193025Von Richter MaxAUSMV17Under 19 Boys(35)28322912489
68th184260Self DanielAUSDS39Under 17 Boys3133(35)3413398
69th179415Newton BlakeAUSBN5Under 17 Boys333333(35)13499
70th202633Jamieson DuncanAUSDJ9Under 17 Boys(34)343434136102