Laser Radial Women's World Championship - Bertold on the rise

2013 Laser Radial Women’s World Championship
Canadian Sailing Team
Laser Radial Women's World Championship sailing resumed in Rizhao today with gold and silver fleet finals. Paige Railey (USA) continues to hang onto the top spot with Croatia's Tina Mihelic and Sweden's Josefin Olsson in second and third respectively.

In the hunt, Isabella Bertold continued to pick off boats today and sailed her best day of the event, positioning herself well in sixth overall with points still remaining close.

Brenda Bowskill started her day off well in gold fleet however received a second yellow flag on the start line and that moves her back to 30th. Claire Merry sailed to top spot in Silver fleet with a 1, 3 on the day.

Finals continue through the weekend with more action to come!

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