Laser North American Championship - Canadians set to sweep

Laser North American Championship - Canadians Set to Sweep
Canadian Sailing Team
At the Laser North American Championship hosted by C.O.R.K., the Canadian sailing teams Laser and Radial members were on the water today in Kingston. Racing got off around Noon for the wright at mark radials while the Full rigs started an hour later.

All the usual suspects Robert Davis, Tom Ramshaw, Lee Parkhill, David Wright and Evert McLaughlin were alongside the radial fleet consisting of Brenda Bowskill Ingrid Merry and Clair Merry as well as a few identified athletes like Greg Clunies, Alexander Heinzemann Violet Stafford and Bronwyn Richardson.

Results were forecasted for a strong CST finish and have come to fruition with Fleet standings still being finalized but looking like a Parkhill, Wright, Clunies top three.

Congrats to all on a great start to the annual Laser North American Championships, more racing to come.