Lagoon Australia introduces you to the New Lagoon 560

560 RETAIL R413 B18 - New Lagoon 560
Lagoon Catamaran
The New Lagoon 560 made her debut at this years Cannes boat show and was a great success. Now, Lagoon Australia would like to introduce you to he New Lagoon 560s special features.

Owners cabin
Owners Cabin - New Lagoon 560
Lagoon Catamaran

The owners now has the ability to walk from the transom into the cabin via shower which is a great idea as you can wash/clean up after a relaxing day lapping up the sun and sea before going into the cabin.

New Galley layout
New Galley layout - New Lagoon 560
Lagoon Catamaran

The new 560 comes with an island bench. This is a fantastic concept, adding to your storage area and creating another work station for when you have guests on board.

Flybridge - New Lagoon 560
Lagoon Catamaran

The flybridge has a central steering console to make life that bit easier when it comes to docking and maneuvering.

Electric system
Electric system - New Lagoon 560
Lagoon Catamaran

Lagoon have instrumentation featuring a new touch screen electrical system so all can be done from the touch of a button, then the whole system can be neatly hidden away.

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