Krys Ocean Race - Spindrift Racing speeds towards Scilly Islands

Spindrift Racing - Krys Ocean Race 2012
Chris Schmid/Spindrift Racing
The Krys Ocean Race, currently underway, has one specific regulation which allows any boat to remain 'unseen' for a given period of time on the daily rankings available to both competitors and spectators. Michel Desjoyeaux who was then right beyond Groupe Edmond de Rothschild in third place was first this morning to disappear from the screens. Sébastien Josse could not do anything less. He also went into 'Ghost mode' at midday.

Spindrift Racing, already more and more isolated ahead of the fleet, with a lead extending over 70 miles this morning, is now virtually all alone on her way to Brest, a mere 650 miles away. With strong yet steady conditions supposed to last til the finish line, Guichard and his men have little to fear from this 'secret move'. They know that they hold their future in their own hands, and with strong winds blowing sideways of the trimaran, they have more than ever to sail a cautious route, check the boat over and over and keep speeding towards the Scilly Islands.

'It’s the final count-down!' Leo Lucet, Spindrift Racing CEO and crew member no longer sees any gybe coming in the next hours. The wind is turning right on a south western angle and Spindrift Racing keeps going strong on the same left float since the start. 'It is a different ball game' explains Lucet, 'with lighter winds, we now carry all the sails up, but the pressure comes sideways and in these situations, Spindrift Racing constantly sails on one hull. We have to be more careful than ever !' With no opponents in sight, Guichard and his men have decided to sail in a virtual solo mode, not paying attention to what may happen behind them. Their only concern is the boat, keeping Spindrift Racing in perfect conditions, avoid making mistakes, and stay alert for any floating obstacle that could strike her hull, or her rudder like what happened in the wee hours this morning. Fortunately nothing serious and Spindrift Racing hardly slowed down. 'We havent won yet' says Guichard. 'Our lead is a tiny one, but we are fully confident in our speed'. The fact is, Spindrift Racing has constantly been faster than her opponents in similar conditions. 'We’ve worked hard to achieve that' explains Lucet. 'We’ve been on it 24 hours a day. We have kept a close watch not only on the boat but also on each other, switching the man at the helm whenever needed…'

And to make things just a little bit more complicated for their opponents, Guichard and crew have also gone silent, in ghost mode until around 11 pm tonight.

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