Keith Swinton leads Toyota Sopot Match Race

South of Perth Yacht Club’s Keith Swinton and his team on a training sail in Perth (AUS)
John Roberson ©

The Round Robin of the Toyota Sopot Match Race 2008 Grade 1 isn’t finished yet. After 19 from 22 flights the leader is still Keith Swinton (AUS) with nine points in 11 matches , great crew work and a good feeling of the Diamant 3000 give him the power to win.

During the first part of the day was great sunny sky and perfect wind conditions. The race course was alongside the famous Sopot Pier, where hundred of spectators were following the intense matches.

'It is third time that we are here and we really enjoy returning to this event. Toyota Sopot Match Race has developed during last years and is now on a level comparable to the most prestigious events that we have sailed. The boats and the sailing conditions fits our way of sailing so we really hope that we can repeat the success from last year' says Peter Wibroe the winner of last year’s edition.

'Today we had some close races – especially the first against Polish skipper Rafal Sawicki who surprised us when he won the pre-start. Luckily we managed to overtake him on the second upwind and extend our lead to win the first match. In our race against Adam Minoprio we were given two penalties after 30 knot guest stopped as from tacking, resulting in a starboard collision' - Torvar Mirsky

One of the news this year are the onboard cameras similar to the ones used in the Americas cup, giving the web spectators a full view of onboard action from this world class sailors. The tactics can be followed thanks to a real-time GPS signal. check out:

Current standing after 19 of 22 flights (points- number of sails):

Keith Swinton (AUS), 9 - 11
Adam Minoprio (NZ), 8 - 11
Torvar Mirsky (AUS), 6 - 8
Andrew Arbuzov (RUS), 6 - 11
Peter Wibroe (DEN), 5 - 8
Przemek Tarnacki (POL), 5 - 11
Eric Monnin (SUI), 4 - 8
Ian Ainslie (RSA), 4 - 8
Eugeny Neugodnikov (RUS), 3,5 - 7
Staffan Lindberg (FIN), 3,5 - 7
Marek Stanczyk (POL), 1 - 11
Rafal Sawicki (POL), 1 - 11