Joyon suffers the brunt of Pacific storm

IDEC position 09:56 - 26 December 2007

IDEC and Francis Joyon, sailing close to the center of a vast low pressure system, suffers the brunt of the fury of the Pacific Ocean.

The skipper solitary provided yesterday in a brief telephone conversation, having come out of the heart of the depression, within 24 hours, in a sea 'and dangerous crossroads, with height of 6 to 7 feet.'

He continues to rack-up days of more than 430 miles, heading to the south east with an excellent VMG (Velocity made Good), under three reefs and staysail.

For the record, IDEC has already traveled more than 16,300 miles in actual distance at over 21 knots average. At 8,267 miles from the finish, IDEC-Joyon is still more than 3030 miles ahead of the record of Ellen MacArthur.