Jolly Roger hoisted as part of Benetti Design Innovation project

Jolly Roger 02
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Benetti has the pleasure to introduce PALOMBA+SERAFINI as part of 16 yacht designers of BENETTI Design Innovation Project 2012.

The aims of the project is to develop new design concepts for Benetti’s Custom yachts from 50mt up to 90mt+ in order to evolve Benetti’s design and to offer to Benetti’s Clients a wide range of new projects.

So far, the 16 international design firms have developed 27 new design concepts including renderings and general arrangements.

Vincenzo Poerio, CEO Megayachts Business Unit, commented: 'Evolving the design, the style and the family-feeling imprinted on Benetti yachts by 140 years of history is as an ambitious task. But as tireless devotees of novelty, evolution and challenge, we had no alternative. Then again, looking ahead and anticipating the market has always been encoded in Benetti’s DNA.

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'This is why we have decided to assign this challenge to the world’s most reputed yacht designers. Almost twenty firms of architects worked on dozens of designs concepts for new yachts in the 50 to 90+ meter range, offering possible new directions and interpretations for the future design of our mega-yachts. Excellence breeds excellence'.

The company is still seeking 'qualified newcomers' to join the ranks of designers contributing to the BENETTI Design Innovation Project.

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The Jolly Roger is the latest in the series created for this innovative exercise.

Behind the project Jolly Roger is the desire to rebuild a relationship with the sea, genius loci of the boats.
The decks are supported by a system of 'ribs equipped' which lighten the volume and allow the insertion of large windows, reinterpreting the element of powers typical of Benetti. A long suspension deck at the bow, becomes a living and social space.

The ship owner has an entire floor at his disposal on the top deck, a privileged position that allows him to look at the sky through a removable cover.

The inspiration came from the automotive sector: its lines reminds the one of a high-powered car. Jolly Roger re-establishes a relationship between the dynamism and elegance of the yacht and nature.

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'We started from the idea of ' high-powered car of the sea','explained designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. 'Aristocratic and futuristic. An automotive dna that is in the structures, which release the decks from visual obstruction by giving back the relation with nature and the sea.

'Finally, large windows and a long deck that looks like a terrace overlooking the water.'

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