J Class Hundred Guinea Cup, Crosbie and Dale Lorimer Images

Lionheart powers away from the start off Cowes - J Class 100 Guineas Cup
Velsheda, Lionheart and Ranger lined up off the Royal Squadron start line on Saturday, minus Rainbow which was suffering technical problems.

Despite the light breeze all three yachts made it most of the way around the island, before the Race Committee decided to call it a day as the fleet approached Hurst Castle in a dying breeze and a strong west going tide, making progress to the finish line a struggle. The times taken at The Needles were used to decide the race outcome.

Lionheart was leading to that point and she also took out the King's Cup.

Crosbie and Dale Lorimer joined the huge fleet of spectators and media as the three Js circumnavigated the island. Her are some of their images.