International Moth World Championships - Nathan Outteridge wins

Nathan Outteridge Moth Trophy
Tom Gruitt /
2014 International Moth World Championship - Australian Sailing Team’ Olympic Champion Nathan Outteridge (NSW) won the International Moth World Championships at Hayling Island Sailing Club in the UK last night.

Four Australians finished in the top then with Josh Mcknight (NSW) making it onto the podium in third, Scott Babbage (NSW) coming fourth and Tasmanian Rob Gough finishing seventh.

It is the second International Moth World’s title for Outteridge after winning the event in 2011 and adds to Outteridge’s long list of sailing accolades, including his London 2012 Olympic gold medal in the 49er-Skiff together with Iain Jensen (NSW). On top of aiming to defend his Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016 in the 49er class, multitalented Outteridge is also involved in his second America’s Cup campaign as helmsman of Swedish Artemis Racing Team.

After a week of light winds in scorching temperatures, the forecast for the final day was for no wind, but it turned out to be a sparkling day with the best breeze of the week. Four final gold fleet races were held in 10-14 knot winds, leading to very tactical racing.

Outteridge had moved up into the lead on the penultimate day of the regatta and went into the final day of Gold fleet racing with a slight lead over of Britain’s Chris Rashley in second. Posting two fourth places, a second as well as a first in the last race were enough for Outteridge to take home the title at the end of the six-day event and ten races. Outteridge won the last leg by a country mile, which wrapped up his championship in style.

Nathan Outteridge
Tom Gruitt /

Outteridge said about the week’s racing and last race: 'It's been a tough week with light winds but today we finally got some good breeze and it was actually really fun racing. The wind got a bit soft in that very last race and I actually fell off the foils at the top mark. Then on the final leg, I turned around half-way to see how I was going and no-one was foiling so it was a pretty nice way to finish, to have a really big lead.'

'It’s obviously very pleasing to win the Worlds. Even though I haven’t done a whole lot of training before this event, I believe the training I’ve been doing in this class over the last five years put me in a good position. And I had a very fast boat, which makes a big difference. When you got boat speed it makes your life very easy. Once you have boat speed, you get confidence and then it just rolls from there.'

About his next steps ahead he added: 'It will be back to Olympic 49er sailing for the World Championships in Santander now, but I’m really looking forward to the World’s in Sorrento next year and hopefully we will see as many of this high-calibre fleet as possible come down and do it.'

With Australian Moth Sailors posting strong results throughout the event, the regatta soon became a 'Moth-Ashes' contest between the Brits and the Aussies with Australia winning the overall count.

On Australia retaining the 'Moth-Ashes' bronze medallist Josh Mcknigh, said, 'Well I mean that's really all we come to these events for -- the Moth Ashes. It's a great trophy to have as it puts emphasis on a bit of team spirit among Australia and England....'

Outteridge is heading to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next for the Olympic Sailing Test event on Guanabara Bay (4-9 August 2014), with the season’s highlight, the ISAF World Sailing Championships in Santander, Spain, following from 12-22 September 2014.

The 2015 International Moth Australian and World Title Championships will be held in Sorrento, Victoria at Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club from January 6th to 16th 2015.

For more information visit event website.

 2014 International Moth World Championship Complete Results:
1st101GoldAUS2Nathan OutteridgeWangi SC(70.0 DNC)
2nd2GoldGBR7Chris RashleyRoyal London YC1.
3rd102GoldAUS4142Josh McknightRPAYC3.01.03.0(5.0)
4th103GoldAUS3Scott BabbageWoollahra SC2.
5th3GoldGBR4Ben PatonLymington Town SC5.03.0(7.0)
6th1GoldGBR5Robert GreenhalghRoyal Southern YC(8.0) DNC)9.0(15.0)
7th104GoldAUS6Rob GoughRoyal YC Tasmania1.05.07.0(23.0)
8th6GoldGBR4038Tom OfferRock SC3. DNC)
9th7GoldGBR4123Dylan FletcherPortland Moth Squad(12.0)
10th5GoldGBR4147Michael LennonHISC(19.0)
11th35GoldGBR3942Jason BelbenStokes Bay SC(12.0)
12th9GoldGBR4146Paul GoodisonUlley SC10.0(12.0)
13th8GoldGBR3967Chris DraperLCSC6.0(12.0)
14th105GoldAUS3900Andrew McDougallBlack Rock YC4.06.04.0(21.0)21.019.0(26.0)
15th138GoldSUI3796Arnaud PsarofaghisSN Geneva10.06.0(11.0)
16th163GoldSUI4112Christopher RastTYC/RCO/MBYC6.
17th148GoldUSA9Brad FunkUS Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider(20.0)(52.0)
18th130GoldJPN3989Hiroki GotoABeam4.08.0(15.0)8.011.0(21.0)17.019.0(28.0)
19th125GoldITA4138Gian Maria FerrighiYC Acquafrecsca5.0(70.0 DNC)
20th129GoldJPN4095Kohei KajimotoBlack Rock YC7.016.08.0(22.0)
21st153GoldITA4092Carlo de PaoliCircolo Vela Torbole8.
22nd4GoldGBR3985Simon HiscocksHISC9.011.09.0(23.0)
23rd51GoldGBR4149Oliver HoldenHISC(23.0)
24th16GoldGBR4036Dan VincentStokes Bay SC7.019.013.0(34.0)7.0(42.0)20.0(45.0)
25th11GoldGBR4122Andrew FriendNorfolk Punt Club31.0(39.0)
26th67GoldGBR3947Ed ChapmanQueen Mary SC(29.0)
27th111GoldBEL4049Giovanni GaleottiRYCB2.0(11.0) DNC)
28th115GoldFRA4090Seb ColYCPR20.0 RDGa(24.0)
29th128GoldITA4093Stefano RizziSV Oscar Cosulich13.07.0(21.0) DNC)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC461.0298.0
30th61GoldGBR4155Stevie MorrisonExe SC14.015.0(16.0)15.08.0(40.0)29.029.0(43.0)
31st147GoldSWE4159Nils AkervallRoyal Swedish YC9. DNC)
32nd63GoldGBR4096Tim PenfoldHISC35.017.012.0(39.0)
33rd17GoldGBR4059Dan WardFrensham Ponds SC15.09.0(28.0)
34th18GoldGBR4065Daniel HendersonStokes Bay SC24.025.016.0(30.0)22.0(49.0)
35th137GoldRSA4062Jonathan HeathcotePoint YC20.013.025.0(36.0)17.034.0(43.0)30.034.0(50.0)
36th122GoldIRL3592Rory FitzpatrickNational YC28.
37th116GoldFRA3972Yann Andrillon (26.0) DNC)32.0512.0360.0
38th135GoldNZL4037Jason RussellHISC(29.0)
39th127GoldITA41Stefano FerrighiYC Acquafresca16.010.033.0(38.0) DNF)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC545.0365.0
40th113GoldESP3975Pablo ArandiaEMV Valencia19.028.020.0(31.0) DNC)(71.0 DNC)
41st55GoldGBR3943Richard EdwardsParkstone YC(25.0)
42nd133GoldNED4074Eelco BoersWV Roerkoning(70.0 DNC)
43rd24GoldGBR4075Doug PybusQueen Mary SC(37.0)
44th108GoldAUS4034Luke MolloyRQYS15. BFD)
45th123GoldIRL3805Ryan SeatonBallyholme YC/CSC(33.0)
46th12GoldGBR4067Cameron StewartHISC21.
47th57GoldGBR4099Ricky TaggHISC11. DNF) DNC)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC14.071.0 DNS71.0 DNC71.0 DNC619.0407.0
48th142GoldSUI3752David HolenwegCV Estavyer-le-Lac(28.0)
49th126GoldITA4030Marco LanulfiYC Acquafresca17. DNC)48.0(63.0)33.041.0(59.0)
50th114GoldFRA3875Benoit MarieSNO Nantes(51.0)
51st49GoldGBR4060Neil BakerHISC18.0(39.0)
52nd144GoldSUI4032Jean-Pierre de SiebenthalSN de Geneve24. DNC)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC71.0 DNC653.0467.0
53rd106GoldAUS3637Brent PearsonKeppel Bay SC21.
54th13GoldGBR4061John PinkHill Head SC(32.0) DNC)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC71.0 DNC650.0476.0
55th21GoldGBR4115David HiveyHISC22.027.023.0(37.0) DNC) DNC)658.0479.0
56th124GoldITA3855Fabio MazzettiCircolo Vela Arco13.019.017.0(36.0)26.0(64.0)
57th110GoldAUS4004Will LoganRoyal YC Tasmania26.023.032.0(52.0)
58th44GoldGBR4045Matt PonsfordHISC22.018.0(29.0) DNC)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC678.0507.0
59th54GoldGBR4071Phillippe OligarioWorthing YC(32.0)
60th30GoldGBR4121James PhareQueen Mary SC11.0(37.0)
61st118GoldGER3684Sven KloppenburgRatzeburger SV33.034.033.0(41.0)27.0(63.4 P)62.2 P60.0(64.0)
62nd26GoldGBR4158Geoff CarvethHISC17.
63rd74GoldNED4023Kalle Coster 35.036.0(39.0)
64th162GoldFRA3879Pierre BlancCN St Jean Cap Ferrat31. DNC)731.0558.0
65th27GoldGBR3980Graham SimmondsHISC39.0(40.0) DNC)
66th107GoldAUS3631John GendersRYCT36.035.036.0(48.0)12.0(67.0)64.0(67.0)
67th36GoldGBR3979Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SC41.036.030.0(42.0) DNC)(71.0 DNC)778.0594.0
68th22GoldGBR3995David SimmondsHISC30.
69th59GoldGBR3981Simon ReynoldsWhitstable YC27. DNC)(71.0 DNC)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC71.0 DNC71.0 DNC71.0 DNC43.044.071.0 DNC71.0 DNC844.0632.0
70th56GoldGBR4073Richard WestburyDraycote23.034.014.0(53.0) DNC)(71.0 DNC)71.0 DNC71.0 DNC71.0 DNC71.0 DNC71.0 DNC71.0 DNC854.0659.0
Scoring codes used
BFDBlack flag disqualification under rule 30.370
DNCDid not come to the starting areaVaries
DNFStarted but did not finishVaries
DNSCame to the start area but did not start71
PPromoted boat score allocatedVaries
RDGaRedress - average points for all qualifying races except the race in question20