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Grand Pavois, International In-Water Boat Show 2012
Grand Pavois Organisation
The Grand Pavois International boat show is being held from from 10am to 7pm on Wednesday 19th to Monday 24th September 2012 at the 'Port des Minimes', La Rochelle in France.

More than 850 exhibitors are expected over 100,000 m2 of exhibition space. Of the 750 boats on show 300 will be afloat. Once again there will be themed areas open to all visitors and Brazil will be the guest of honour for this 40th edition of the show. Le Gran Pavois is the reference boat show for enthusiasts, offering unique opportunities to try boats out in the water before buying.

This year the show celebrates its 40th edition! 40 passionate editions shared with nautical and boating enthusiasts from the world over! 40 events that have made the Grand Pavois into the unmissable event of the year for both professionals and general public, and is now clearly in the top five of international boating shows with 850 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors.

There are now 510,000 boats in use compared to only 30,000 in 1966! Pleasure boating became popular in the 1970s and since then navigation methods have evolved, as has the typical profile of pleasure boating customers. Thanks to new and more efficient construction materials, the evolution of electronics and safety methods and specific training possibilities.... every enthusiast can now obtain the boat that best suits their means, requirements and navigational purposes.

According to a survey by the CCI of la Rochelle, the typical pleasure boating customer is more generally male, aged between 40 and 60 with sufficient purchase power to fulfil their leisure interests. Young people present a strong market potential with water sports in constant growth after the recent emergence of more accessible sports like paddle board, body surf, kite surf, light sailing etc. where it is not necessary to be a confirmed enthusiast to enjoy these sports and where the required investment remains quite reasonable. The situation today shows that when boat owners look for change in their boating activity, this usually manifests in a desire for a larger boat.

France has been a reference of the nautical industry for a number of years now. It is the world leader in the sailing, inflatable and water-sport markets and is the fourth biggest producer of motor boats, French constructors and shipyards are continually affirming their strong position in the international market. In France the nautical sector is the largest export industry with 66.6% of its production destined for the international market. 'Made in France' is now more than ever a guarantee of quality and a representation of the country's technical capacities. To see this, one only has to look at the latest shipyard innovations and, without wanting to blow one's own trumpet, be impressed by the inventiveness and ingeniousness of constructors in the varied domains of the navigation sector: regatta, pleasure boats, water sports, etc.

The Grand Pavois is the display room of the nautical industry, showing off the complete range of boatyard production from the more general products to specialisations such as catamarans, long-haul vessels or water-sports. Here’s a quick look at the trends for 2012:

The Révolution 22, 'the yacht that will revolutionise pleasure boating' presented by the Afep Marine boat yard of La Rochelle where it was constructed. On show for the very first time at the Grand Pavois, its rounded stem is directly inspired by the American scows, particularly David Raison's latest Mini 6.50 which won the legendary Transat 6.50 in 2011. This 6.80 metre aluminium and cork yacht with its unique look is aimed at a clientele who wish to sail using alternative and ecological methods.

The RM1260, is made from laminated epoxy and is one of the stars of 2012. It will be presented on the water where you will be able to fully appreciate its elegant lines and offshore racing profile. This cruiser from the Fora Marine shipyard of la Rochelle, will satisfy all yachting enthusiasts in search of both performance and comfort. The interior is functional and luminous, with a cabin with a refined, contemporary design. Available in single and double keeled versions, depending on intended use. Ideal for those who dream of voyaging afar.

You will also be able to see the amazing Bay Dream 5.5 d’Astus Boat (56 – Brech), this small and easy to use trimaran now has a new hull design. In fact, this is not really a trimaran since its lateral hulls are actually joined to the central hull, giving it an entirely new form. It is aimed at a clientele that wishes to enjoy the sea with a minimum of constraints as regards harbour births, maintenance, complexity of use and licensing but without any compromise regarding safety. With a 10hp low fuel-consumption engine that can reach 10 knots, or 17 knots with the 20hp version.

The nautical term 'admiral' vessel refers to the fastest or most imposing vessel in a range. For the Nautitech shipyard, this is the Nautitech 542 (17 – Rochefort) designed by the naval architect Marc Lombard and the designer Franck Darnet. This 16.30 metre catamaran with more than 100m² of living space including three, four or five luxurious cabins (depending on the model), living room, and an immense kitchen with a view over the sea. This is truly a contemporary house on the water, ideal for navigation and/or chartering.

The Sense 46 by Beneteau (85 - Les Herbiers), should easily satisfy all fans of refined aesthetics: this luminous and spacious cruiser was also built around a hull designed to provide a particularly low heel angle, guaranteeing not only great comfort but also a more impressive cruising speed. The Sense 46 was designed by Berret Racoupeau Yachts Design and Nauta Design and has been fitted with the Dock&Go system, which simplifies port manoeuvres avoiding those stressful arrivals at port for the crew.

The Hélia 44 from the Fountaine Pajot shipyard offers a nice compromise between comfortable size, manageability and a very well designed solar panel system. Being 13.30 metres in length for 7.40 metres in width, this Berret Racoupeau designed catamaran will be available in two versions: quatuor (4 double cabins + 4 bathrooms) and Maestro (1 private suite with bathroom + 2 double cabins with bathrooms). The Hélia 44 should meet with success in France and on the international market for which it was conceived as its size and fittings will satisfy even the most demanding expectations.

The Smartboat 23 (44 - Vannes), built in Poland by the Delfia Yachts shipyard, can be ordered with a choice of either out-board, in-board or electric propulsion. The Smartboat 23 has a refined stem that gives an incredibly smooth passage through the water for such a small boat, the propulsion system and fuel consumption can thus be smaller than average for boats of its category. Its unusual streamlined form makes it an ideal boat for day-cruising.

The J70 is a very competitively priced family sport-boat which will be built by the J Composites shipyard of Olonnes sur mer, with already 20 on order for the French market; it is already a rising star just like its big brother the J80. These American models fully satisfy today's pleasure boating requirements: refined construction and finishing, easy to transport by trailer, easy to launch thanks to its retractable keel and, of course, competitively priced. In short, this is the ideal pleasure boat for the yachting enthusiast in search of a sport-boat for fun-packed days out!

These are the leading lights amongst the new playthings designed for amusement during that time when the anchor has been dropped and one can while away the hours at leisure. Be it paddle-boards, kayaks, annexes, sail boards, knee boards... it is now possible to carry everything you need on board; with boats now fully equipped with suitable storage facilities. At the show you will be able to see: the latest sea-fishing equipped kayaks, surf boards, paddleboards, bodyboards, tow rings... and, of course, all of the latest inflatables mentioned below. All of the leading brand-names will be present, presenting a huge array of choice!

The continued emergence of water-sports can clearly be seen in the intentions of the big brand names as they seek to develop new product ranges. Over the past few years we have seen the arrival of new water-sports such as body-board, wake-board and more recently paddleboard. The increase in the attraction of these financially accessible sports has been a driving force behind new innovations in the sector. All of the big brand-names will be present at the village where you will be able to discover:

Travel light but surf like a pro, Surf'Air is made of three-dimensional inflatable fabric and is thus completely unlike other inflatable products. Surf'Air is fun and suitable for beginners and experienced surfers alike, its form, dimensions and rigidity are ideal for all surfing enthusiasts. It can be inflated or deflated in only 30 seconds, and can also be used as a cushion or beach mat. Easy to maintain and highly resistant.

After the Yakkair, the high pressure inflatable kayak presented by Bic Sport in 2010, this year you can see the Nomad which can carry two adults and two children for recreational touring. These new ranges of inflatable boards are the big fashion of the year, thanks to their ease of transport, no longer any need to lift them on to the roof of your car.

The Barracuda 7 from Beneteau (85 – Les Herbiers) proposes en effective compromise between navigation and fishing. It is fitted with an outboard for rapid travel to suitable fishing grounds, and can be adapted for all fishing practices and techniques. The Barracuda 7 has all of the necessary marine, design and safety qualities, making it much anticipated attraction at this year's show.

The Rhéa shipyard (17 – Fouras) will present its very latest Open 27. An ideal boat for touring and fishing, Rhéa's Open range proposes craft that are sea-worthy, comfortable and ideal for days out or short journeys. These boats have a very pleasing design and will doubtless satisfy lovers of both the unusual and high performance.

The Targa 27 GTC proposes an excellent compromise for fishing enthusiasts. It is fully equipped, functional and its size is ideal for single handed manoeuvring, the Targa 27 GTC is fitted with two 300hp outboard engines, a must for deep-sea touring!

Do you dream of a desert isle? Like a modern day Robinson Crusoe? To be at peace in the wilderness? Now all this is possible thanks to Zenzîlnot! Etienne Daude and Médolie Jardini, the specialists in unique housing, present their floating cabin-isles. Built with 100% recyclable, PEFC labelled, untreated wood from French forests. The finishings are top of the range and can be adapted to all of your needs. A new and unique product to be discovered without delay!

The Flouka, by Sardine Boat, is a versatile sail or steam powered punt that is ideal for fishers and perfect for peaceful sailing. Its double specialisation means that it can be configured for sailing with its mast, lugsail and centreboard, or for motorised use with or without a steering position. It is built from laminated and fibre-glass epoxy resin and is highly resistant thus allowing for 'difficult' beaching if necessary. In its sailing version it looks as though it could have come straight from the Luxembourg lakes!

The Ribka is stable, rapid and manoeuvrable kayak that is ideal for touring, made entirely from wood with a most a refined and stylish design. The Ribka is 4.84m in length and 0.55m in width and is available as a kit with construction assistance or pre-built and ready for use.

To celebrate the 40th edition of the show in style along with the French pleasure boating industry as a whole, the Grand Pavois will have the honour of receiving two of the most prestigious ships in navigation history:

The Belem, the famous three-master which has served, respectively, as a merchant ship, a luxury yacht and now as a sailing school. For the first time the Belem will participate in the pyrodigital spectacle 'Voiles de Nuit' which will be presented by the Grand Pavois on Saturday 22 September in front of La Rochelle port. A new and unique moment that is not to be missed! On Sunday it will be possible to board and visit the vessel at the 'bassin des Chalutiers' in La Rochelle.

The Recouvrance, will also be on display, it is a replica of a 1817 military dispatch boat, built to convey urgent messages and correspondence, and later used to survey and protect commerce on the coasts of Africa and the Caribbean.

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