International 14 World Championships lack of wind hassles fleet

International 14 World Championships 2011
The Artemis International 14 World Championship 2011 fleet found themselves in a situation today waiting for the AP to come down, this time however the cause was different – no wind! PRO David Campbell- James, monitored the situation in both Weymouth bay and Portland harbour. The fleet were finally sent out at about 14:00 and were greeted by 5-7 knots with perfect sunshine.

Race Four: Richard Mason and George Nurton sailing ‘The Hoff’ resplendent in their muscle bound fancy dress outfits, came fast out of the port end of the line never to be headed building a comfortable lead by the first mark. Tom Heywood and Ed Clay followed next, and then Kris Henderson and Joe Bersch in the new Beiker 6 showing great pace, Achie Massey and Dan Wilsden rounded in fourth with Katie Nurton and Nigel Ash in fifth, Event leaders Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane rounding next.

As the race progressed Archie and Dan moved forwards into second with Roger and Ben chasing hard. Richard and George took a convincing win, whereupon all eyes moved to the ongoing battle for the championships, the result of this heat was yet again decided on the final run when Roger and Ben found better pressure to take second from Archie and Dan.

2014 Regatta Dia De La Marina

Race Five: A prompt turn around was followed by the obligatory general recall. In a manner similar to race 4 it was the boats at the pin end of the line who benefited up the first beat with more pressure and a left hand shift. At the first mark Kevin Fisher and Richard Thibaud lead flying the French Flag, with Archie and Dan second, Katie and Nigel Third with Brother George and Richard right behind.

At the end of the first lap Archie and Dan had taken the lead, however they were unable to match Katie and Nigel’s speed, by the second run they had gained the lead and continued to extend throughout the race.

As the race progressed, Roger and Ben continued to improve their position, pulling up to second, followed by Hoff suited lightweights Richard and George in third to give them the best scores for the day. Glen Truswell and Chris Blackburn came in fourth ahead of Archie and Dan, having uncharacteristically fallen back. Kevin and Richard finishing in sixth to give them their best result so far.

Team Alpari FX dropping the spinnaker during Qualifying at Match Race Germany.

Captain Anthony Popiel, who is overseeing the search for the Cheeki Rafiki, said rescuers have scoured more than 9,000 square miles (23,000 sq kilometers) of ocean and completed at least eight searches since resuming efforts Tuesday morning. - Has the Cheeki Rafiki been found? Debris spotted by volunteers in Atlantic near where yacht carrying British sailors disappeared
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