Insurance Options

If you’re lucky, then you have a favourite broker or insurance company who looks after your every need. However, over the last few years, there have been many changes in the marine insurance world, and it pays to shop around. One of the problems with yacht insurance for a large number of the cruising fraternity is for those whose boats are worth less than about $2,000,000. Many of the marine insurance companies don’t want to deal with the small end of the market these days. In addition, the growing prevalence of piracy and terrorism has made insurers nervous.

Here are several companies that specialise in yacht insurance, which cruisers have had success with. Some are at very competitive prices.

Club Marine


Q.B.E. Insurance

Pantaenius Insurance

It becomes a major issue for long distance cruisers – such a problem that there are a great number of cruisers are going ‘insurance free’. This works until they have a major problem or want to enter a marina that insists on insurance before accepting the boat. Some marinas provide third party insurance just to cover these eventualities. This is certainly true right across the Mediterranean.

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