Images of the Jane Gifford dedication, Warkworth - Part 1

Approaching the township, show her distinctive scow lines - Jane Gifford Launch, Warkworth.

The rebuilding of the historic trading scow, Jane Gifford, took another big step forward at Warkworth yesterday , with a celebration starting at 1100hrs and lasting well into the night.

Warkworth is an historic New Zealand town founded on the banks of a tidal estuary, which provided a vital link between farms and timber yards and the city of Auckland.

Such towns are common place around the northern end of New Zealand and led to the development of large, shallow draft cargo vessels driven by sail.

Stern view - another classic scow shot - Jane Gifford Launch, Warkworth

The Jane Gifford is one of the few craft remaining of this type and was rescued several years ago by a trust, who have raised $700,000 to bring the $800,000 restoration project to its current level.

having worked as a trading craft in the Hauraki Gulf, the Jane Gifford will now enjoy a new life as a sail training vessel for school children, and also for charter sailing in weekends. As well, she will be moored at a permanent base in Warkworth township forming a new and significant tourist attraction.

Sail-World's camera was there for the launching and re-dedication ceremonies.
Jane Gifford is welcomed to Warkworth

Part of the classic flotilla whicb accompanied the Jane Gifford to Warkworth

Part of the classic flotilla whicb accompanied the Jane Gifford to Warkworth

Jane Gifford Launch - Warkworth

A whaler rows ashore with the mullet boat melita in the background- Jane Gifford Launch, Warkworth

Two of the driving forces behind the restoration project, Peter Thompson (left) and Hugh Gladwell - Jane Gifford Launch - Warkworth