ISAF regatta rules roasted

NZL Andy Maloney
The new experimental format being trialled by ISAF that Australia super coach Victor Kovalenko exploded about in Palma as we reported was given a royal roasting last night by a wide range of competitors sailing in Garda at the Italian Olympic class regatta.

We trust that ISAF's World Sailing Cup Manager Antonio González de la Madrid and the newly appointed Competition Manager Jon Napier are listening to what the sailors are saying.

Quotes from the shock Laser Class winner Laser sailor Kiwi Andy Maloney. 'Today probably proves how dumb the format they've tried for this event is. I think going into today, the only two people who really deserved to win over the course of the five days were Tom Burton and Tonci who were close on points.

’But the other four of us probably didn't really, none of us really deserve to win the regatta you know. It really proves how this format shouldn't carry on. 'Going into today anyone had a chance of winning, which was silly in a sense.'

Tonci Stipanovic - Laser World Championship 2012
Johannes Berg

Tonci Stipanovic: 'It is okay if they are just testing, but this is the worst format I have ever sailed. I think if they are trying to find the worst it is not possible to go beyond this, it is the bottom of any combinations'.

One of the problems that ISAF seems to be so far unconcerned about is those Olympic class sailors for who top ten results translate into funding or not if they miss out. The experimental scoring is playing havoc with the results and that means havoc for sailor’s lives as they embark on a 2016 Olympic campaign or are forced to abandon their plans.

What does ISAF plan to do about that as they chop and change?

Are they going to release rescored results? Or just say Tough!

Remember in Football or Cricket, proposed rule changes are tested at a lower level not at the World Cup.

Iain Percy and Bart Simpson cross the finish line in the Medal race of the Star class in the 2012 Olympics to win the Silver Medal, having led the fleet going into the final race.

While the sailing world continues to reel in shock from the death of Bart Simpson after the Artemis capsize Richard Gladwell has made some interesting observations in his Tragedy in San Francisco article, which also contains the RYA tribute video.

Les Valmadre reporting from Bali, (tough but someone has to do it) on the Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally 2013 that the infamous tidal runs near the entrance to Benoa Harbour, where the finish line is located, have claimed two more victims.

Steel de Breeze - 2013 Fremantle to Bali

Brian Todd’s 49 footer Sue Sea, which was comfortably closing in on the finish as darkness fell, appears to have been dragged north of the line by the current, and although she was in sight of the race control team early this morning, seems to be moving out to sea again in windless conditions, while near the south western tip of the island, Steel de Breeze is inching her way towards the finish at around two knots.

Lots more news from the Sailing scene today.