ISAF Youth Match Racing Worlds - American unbeatable on day 1

by ISAF 
Match race acrobatics.
America's Nevin Snow was unbeatable on the opening day of the ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship in Helsinki, Finland as he stormed to five victories.

The day started sunny with some light breeze present. The Race Committee was able to complete the first two flights before the forecasted wind direction change took place. That put the competition on hold for half an hour, before the wind settled down into its new direction, where it stayed until the end of the day. It rose constantly towards the afternoon before coming down at the end of the day.

Out of the 35 scheduled flights for the round robin, 13 were completed on the opening day and Snow was the stand out racer amassing five victories and no defeats.

Following the American with five wins out of six matches is Joachim Aschenbrenner (DEN), Mark Lees (GBR), and Pierre Quiroga (FRA). Four teams are yet to score but with plenty of round robin action remaining time is on their side to qualify for the quarter finals.

The race is on - ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship 2014 - Day 1

Swedish team at the upper mark - ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship 2014 - Day 1

Danish team approaching upper mark - ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship 2014 - Day 1

J80 with spinnaker - ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship 2014 - Day 1

Umpires at work - ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship 2014 - Day 1

Round RobinVladislav Abramov, RUSJoachim Aschenbrenner, DENPhilip Bendon, IRLValerio Galati, ITASam Gilmour, AUSFlorian Haufe, GERJakob Klitte, SWEMark Lees, GBRNelson Mettraux, SUISlawomir Plichta, POLPierre Quiroga, FRATyler Rice, ISVMarkus Ronnberg, FINNevin Snow, USAChris Steele, NZLW%
Vladislav AbramovVladislav Abramov, RUS    0      0  000%
Joachim AschenbrennerJoachim Aschenbrenner, DEN  1   11110    583%
Philip BendonPhilip Bendon, IRL 0    10010    233%
Valerio GalatiValerio Galati, ITA    11      10 375%
Sam GilmourSam Gilmour, AUS1  0 1     11  480%
Florian HaufeFlorian Haufe, GER   00      0 0 00%
Jakob KlitteJakob Klitte, SWE 00    0010    117%
Mark LeesMark Lees, GBR 01   1 111    583%
Nelson MettrauxNelson Mettraux, SUI 01   10 10    350%
Slawomir PlichtaSlawomir Plichta, POL 00   000 0    00%
Pierre QuirogaPierre Quiroga, FRA 11   1011     583%
Tyler RiceTyler Rice, ISV1   01      100350%
Markus RonnbergMarkus Ronnberg, FIN   00      0 0000%
Nevin SnowNevin Snow, USA   1 1     11 15100%
Chris SteeleChris Steele, NZL1          110 375%

The racing continues with flight 14 set to commence on Thursday 24 July at 09:30 local time.

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