ISAF Training Scholarship

by ISAF 
ISAF Training Scholarship
International Sailing Federation's eight week ISAF Training Scholarship will provide candidates with all the training and experience required to help develop and sustain a successful sail training programme within their MNA says Dan Jaspers, the ISAF Training and Development manager.

The ISAF Training Scholarship includes the following :

- ISAF traning opportunity
- 100% IOC funding possible
- Increase participation in sailing
- Develop long-term intenational success
- Train your national training manager

Current MNA's who have completed the scholarship are South Africa, Korea, Turkey, Peru, and Cook Islands. For more information on the ISAF Training Scholarship, funding or details on the application process contact Richard Percy, ISAF Training Scholarship coordinator: richardpercy(at) or Dan Jaspers, ISAF Training and Development Manager: dan(at)

A few words from Rob Holden of South African Sailing: 'As the National Training Manger of South Africa I recommend the ISAF Training Scholarship as an essential starting point for any MNA wishing to develop a successful National Sail Training Programme.'

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