ISAF Nations Cup - Day 1- Jarvin hits lead

by ISAF 
Seve JARVIN (AUS) and his Australian team at the ISAF Grade 2 Regional Final for Oceania
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A fantastic day on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour with a total of six flights of Round Robin One completed and Seve Jarvin and his crew of Rob Bell & Sam Newton hit the lead.

The young Australian team showed their light air skills in an Elliott 6m yacht today, with a total of 6 wins out of 6 races.

This is the same team who won the RNZYS Youth International Match Racing Championships in 2005, so they know the boats and are looking sharp!

Second overall after day one is local Simon Dickey and his crew of Dallas Bennett & Adam Minoprio. Minoprio flew back to Auckland early yesterday from LA where he had been sailing in the Congressional Cup Grade 1 Match Racing Regatta with his older brother Simon Minoprio. But the jet-lag didn’t show as the team sailed well to win 5 races, only losing to Takumi Nakamura (Japan) in a very close match race.

Tied on 4 wins are Nakamura (Japan) and Jessica Smyth (New Zealand), who qualified for this regatta only two weekends ago, when she came 2nd in the New Zealand Women’s Match Racing Championships – but 1st New Zealand team awarding her the Nations Cup invitation. The experience of sailing in the recent Match Racing regatta also held in the Elliott 6’s at the RNZYS definitely showed today as Smyth takes an early advantage over the only other female team Ikuko Sakudo (Japan). Sakudo struggled today in the lighter breeze and with no wins is hoping for more breeze tomorrow.

Philipe Mazard (New Caledonian) and his team were familiar with the beautiful sailing conditions on the Waitemata Harbour today and sailed very well to wins 3 matches.

On one win each are Teva Plichart (Federation Tahitienne de Voile) and Jan Sijp (Sailing Cook Islands) who go head to head in the first match tomorrow!

Chief Umpire John Standley commented on the day;

'We had a few incidents, some really close match racing & close pre-starts.

And the weather made it a fantastic day on the water.'

Principal Race Officer Harold Bennett also commented on the day;

'We had about 7 – 8knots of breeze in the morning but after flight two we delayed racing for a while to wait for the tide to change. Right on the tide the wind changed from out of the East to a Nor-Easterly.

Then we had a lovely afternoon breeze of about 8 – 10 knots, which is not a lot, but for the level of sailors it was perfect. A chance to bed in and settle down as the breeze remained steady in the afternoon.

We got six flights done and with 3 more days to go and good weather forecast we came in.

We had no early entries; some recalls caused by the tactical situation the sailors were employing and no delays for damage. So all in all it was a great day on the water.'

Back ashore there were numerous spectators watching from the ‘Westhaven Wall’ in the carpark off the Squadron Clubrooms and also in the Members Bar upstairs.


Points Table
Seve Jarvin 6 wins / 0 losses
Simon Dickey 5 / 1
Takumi Nakamura 4 / 2
Philip Mazard 3 / 3
Teva Plichart 1 / 5
Jan Sijp 1 / 5
Jessica Smyth 4 / 2
Ikuko Sakudo 0 / 6

Round Robin One
Flight One
Mazard beat Nakamura by 56s
Smyth beat Sakudo DNF
Dickey beat Plichart by 3s
Jarvin beat Sijp by 56s

Flight Two
Nakamura beat Sakudo by 37s
Jarvin beat Plichart by 22s
Dickey beat Sijp by 55s
Smyth beat Mazard by 28s

Flight Three
Jarvin beat Mazard by 20s
Nakamura beat Sijp by 7s
Smyth beat Plichart by 7s
Dickey beat Sakudo by 1m47s

Flight Four
Smyth beat Sijp by 52s
Dickey beat Mazard by 1.09s
Jarvin beat Sakudo by 1.29s
Nakamura beat Plichart by 13s

Flight Five
Jarvin beat Smyth by 40s
Sijp beat Sakudo by 13s
Mazard beat Plichart by 11s
Nakamura beat Dickey by 55s

Flight Six
Plichart beat Sakudo by 28s
Mazard beat Sijp by 28s
Jarvin beat Nakamura by 31s
Dickey beat Smyth by 14s

Racing begins at 10am tomorrow.

ISAF Nations Cup Regional Finals And Qualifying Crews
GroupRegionHost NationHost ClubDatesOpen QualifierWomen's Qualifier
Group A

Europe 1Helsinki

NJK Match Race Centre15-18 June  
Group A

Europe 1Machico

Quinta do Lorde Yacht Club2-7 May  
Group B

Europe 2Izola

Jadralno Društvo J/2429 June-2 July  
Group C

Europe 3London

Great Britain
Queen Mary Resevoir25-29 April  
Group D


Dubai International Marine Club2-7 AprilIndia


Group E

South AmericaRio de Janeiro

Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro9-13 August  
Group F

North AmericaSt. Thomas

US Virgin Islands
St. Thomas Yacht Club8-11 June  
Group G


New Zealand
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron19-24 April  
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