IODA Optimist Asian Team Racing Championship - Day 1 + Video

IODA Optimist Asian Team Racing Championship 2014
Jaffar Ali
We welcome you to Bahrain and the prestigious Optimist Asian Championship organized by the Bahrain Maritime Sports Association under the authority of the International Optimist Dinghy Association.

Al Jazaeer beach is full of life and fun as more than 130 sailors from 22 nations gathered to participate and to take their chances for the crown. The title contenders are many and the competition level is high so everyone’s focused on gear preparation. Today the Optimist Asian Team Racing Championship is taking place so the top four sailors of the qualified countries will join their forces looking for a place on the podium.

DSC 7003 - IODA Optimist Asian Team Racing Championship 2014
Jaffar Ali

Team racing is a unique format providing great action and thrilling moments. The key to success is for the young sailors to group their skills into a coordinated attack. Boat handling and speed are mandatory but not enough. Beside these important factors strategy and tactical decisions as well as deep knowledge on rules all come into play. Working as a team is never an easy task as it sometimes requires sacrificing yourself. And you always have to look after your mates. But there’s nothing better for sharing moments with your best friends and having the privilege to represent your country.

DSC 6918 - IODA Optimist Asian Team Racing Championship 2014
Jaffar Ali

Tricky weather conditions today with ups and downs in wind strength and direction allowing the more experienced team racers to showcase their skills. Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and China are the teams who will fight tomorrow for the prestigious title. For the rest of the sailors, tomorrow is a lay day so they’ll have enough time to prepare for the individual optimist Asia Championship which continues on Friday with three more races scheduled. Don’t miss it!