Hurricane Ike - First Pictures

Marina in Houston was ’’full of yachts yesterday’’ - pictures from worst hit Galveston ’can only get worse’
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First pictures are in showing just some of the devastation that Hurricane Ike has brought with it.

As Hurricane Ike crossed the coastline at the sailing and yachting centre of Galveston Texas, it pushed a mound of water in front probably 25 feet higher than the level of the ocean. The surge involves some incredible feats of physics, and in many hurricanes it’s the leading cause of death.

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Galveston Island was destroyed at least once before by a major hurricane in 1900, began to see the Ike-related water creeping up along its beaches Thursday and by Friday, parts of the city of Galveston were flooded by the surge coming in from Galveston Bay.

And, 'it's only going to get worse,' said Lance Wood, the Science and Operations Officer for the Houston/Galveston National Weather Service (NWS) office.