Hunt bags crown, Nguyen takes HK trophy at 2012 HK Dragon Championship

HK Dragon Champs 2012
Joyce Ravara/RHKYC
HK Dragon Champs 2012
RHKYC/Koko Mueller
The 2012 Hong Kong Dragon Championship witnessed perhaps the most dominant performance in years as Cowes Royal Yacht Squadron’s Chris Hunt came first in six of seven races to bag the crown in this coveted event in the Asian sailing circuit. Tam Nguyen collected enough points to nab his second straight Hongkong title while Lowell Chang captured the Corinthian Trophy.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club hosted the Hong Kong Dragon Championship over the weekend with a record 18 boats competing for the title. A number of international Dragon champions flew to Hong Kong for the event including current world champion and owner of Petticrows Tim Tavinor (GBR208), North Sail Dragon expert Theis Palm (HKG55), Fritz Sails owner Werner Fritz (HKG51), Chris Hunt from the Cowes Royal Yacht Squadron (GBR208), Etchells European Champion Nils Razmilovic (HKG50), ex International Dragon Association Chairman Thomas Olrog (SWE364) and Christiane Hugelman (HKG26) from the Hamburg Dragon fleet.

HK Dragon Champs 2012
Joyce Ravara/RHKYC

Ahead of the Championship, 8 boats were practicing on Friday at Lamma (South of Hong Kong Island) and 4 boats had a full day of training with Theis Palm from North Sails. 40 of the competitors also gathered together on Friday evening at Kellet Island for a session on Dragon Tuning and Trimming with Theis Palm and Tim Tavinor from Petticrows.

Saturday started with a good 15 knots established easterly breeze providing the perfect conditions for the Dragons. However, contrary to normal Lamma conditions, the breeze was very shifty and the challenge was to anticipate those shifts while progressing through the chops. Chris Hunt, Tim Tavinor and Oliver Merz achieved this perfectly on their Petticrows GBR208 specially shipped to Hong Kong for the event. They won 3 of the 4 Saturday races and came second on the race they did not win, right after Tam Nguyen (HKG55). With Chris Hunt (GBR208) clearly ahead after the first day of racing, the focus shifted to the battle for the HK Champion title (first Hong Kong boat) with Phyllis Chang (HKG50) ahead of Tam Nguyen (HKG55) by only one point after the first day (but one point behind including discard). Karl Grebstad (HKG51) was also closely behind and could win the title if Phyllis and Tam made a mistake on Sunday. With 22 knots blowing on Sunday morning at the start of the first Sunday race, any mistake could be 'fatal'!

HK Dragon Champs 2012
Joyce Ravara/RHKYC

Bella Vista, Langkawi
Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta
HKG50 and HKG55 sailed closed together but with Tam ahead of Phyllis on Sunday first race (2nd and third respectively) and on the second race (3rd and fifth), Phyllis nice second place just ahead of Tam in the final race was not enough for her to beat him. On the overall results, Chris Hunt (GBR208) came first, Tam Nguyen (HKG55) second (and takes the HK Champion title for the second year in a row), Phyllis Chang (HKG50) third and Karl Grebstad (HKG51) fourth.

There was also another big competition going on within the 12 Corinthians - boats with no professionals on board. It started quite tight between Thomas Olrog (SWE364) and Lowell Chang (HKG46). But Thomas broke his mast on the third race on Saturday and had to miss two races out of the 7. This left Lowell Chang (HK46) with a convincing Corinthian win ahead of Marc Castagnet (HKG1) and Simon Chan (HKG8). There was also some close racing in the middle of the fleet between Andreas Brechbul (HKG20), Frederic Roumier (HKG40), Sytske Kimman (all women boat HKG26 + a pigeon which decided to stay inside the boat for the whole event!) and Dan Lindwall (HKG37).

Hugh Freund (foreground) and Rick Doerr on the leading Sonar team
Clagett/Thornton Cohen.
The fleet had a fantastic weekend on the water with great wind conditions (12-15 knots on Saturday and 22 knots for the first race on Sunday ending up at 12 knots in the afternoon). Thanks to the strong support from our sponsors Central Oceans, Slam, Northrop and Johnson and Links International, the time back in the club at Middle Island was also much enjoyable and all the competitors could appreciate the camaraderie of the HK and international Dragon class with dinners organized on both days. The winners of each category received Slam vouchers and Champagne. Winner Chris Hunt (GBR208) kindly decided to give his prizes to the youth Dragon sailors of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

HK Dragon Champs 2012
Joyce Ravara/RHKYC

Tim Tavinor, head of Petticrows and current Dragon World Champion commented: 'Overall its been a very competitve regatta and it has been a pleasure to be here. I certainly hope in the not too distant future that the Worlds can be hosted here, it is a fantastic venue.'

HK Dragon Champs 2012
Joyce Ravara/RHKYC

    Race 1-7Race 1-7
Sail NberBoat NameHelm One DiscardRank
GBR 208FrankChris Hunt 71
HKG 55ZephyrTam Nguyen 142
HKG 50Phyloong IIPhyllis Chang 183
HKG 51Fei MeiKarl Grebstad 204
HKG 46DavinloongLowell Chang 335
HKG 1CelinesMarc Castagnet 396
HKG 8KamloongSimon Chan 437
HKG 12Eaux VivesJoseph Chu 468
SWE 364Wyuna - HKG25Thomas Olrog 489
HKG 26ArrowSytske Kimman 6210
HKG 40Maiden Hong KongFrederic Roumier 6811
HKG 37Fei ChiDan Lindwall 7812
HKG 54DonnaCC Lu 7812
HKG 20Moonraker IIAndreas Brechbul 7914
HKG 47Hung TaiDavid Poon 8015
HKG 38PhyloongMarc Saint Laurent 9716
HKG 551HKG21 - PuffPeter Baer 10217
HKG 41ShivaVirgile Simon Bertrand 10218
HKG 31NattigheidBram van Olphen 11419
    One DiscardRank
HKG 46DavinloongLowell Chang 101
HKG 1CelinesMarc Castagnet 162
HKG 8KamloongSimon Chan 173
SWE 364Wyuna - HKG25Thomas Olrog 244
HKG 26ArrowSytske Kimman 305
HKG 40Maiden Hong KongFrederic Roumier 376
HKG 37Fei ChiDan Lindwall 457
HKG 20Moonraker IIAndreas Brechbul 478
HKG 54DonnaCC Lu 478
HKG 38PhyloongMarc Saint Laurent 6110
HKG 41ShivaVirgile Simon Bertrand 6611
HKG 551HKG21 - PuffPeter Baer 6812
HKG 31NattigheidBram van Olphen 7813