How to be an SOB rather than an MOB

Nancy Knudsen
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This seminar, entitled 'Man Overboard' or MOB, has a heavy concentration on keeping the crew on board and the ways to implement that.

Nancy Knudsen, editor of Sail-World Cruising and author of 'Shooting Stars and Flying Fish', an account of her five year circumnavigation, will be the seminar presenter.

She will give some insights gained from her almost 40,000nm of sailing, as well as her eight years reporting on world-wide incidents at sea for Sail-World.

Nancy didn't learn to sail until she was an adult, but quickly made up for lost opportunities, beginning with twilights and harbour races, but moving quickly to short off-shore races and voyage races.

However, the competitiveness was not what kept Nancy interested in sailing.

'I didn't ever care who won,' she notes in her book, 'as long as I could sail on the ocean and feel the wind and the power of the sea.'

So it was natural that she should graduate to cruising and voyaging.

The seminar will cover:

The four point SOB (Staying on Board) suggestions:

1. The recent history of MOB cases as reported in the media

2. The extra challenges faced when sailing with a short handed crew

3. Equipment set up

4. Crew operating procedures for staying on board

The ten point MOB (Man Over Board) procedures:

1. Rescue items and procedures

2. MOB Action on the boat

3. MOB Actions in the water

4. Recovery manoeuvres

5. Stopping the boat - the options

6. Dealing with a spinnaker

7. Engaging with the MOB

8. Recovery

9. Emergency call

10. Next steps

Other subjects to be covered at the Cruising Masterclass include:

Passage Planning
Anchoring equipment and techniques
Rigging and sails for cruising, incl heavy weather
Vessel systems, water, fuel, power options
Short-handed cruising
Applied Navigation
Multihulls vs Monohulls,
Cruising with kids
Insurance for cruising
Cruising to the Whitsundays - anchorages, dangers, timing
Cruising to Tasmania - anchorages, dangers, timing.

Attendance is free for the inaugural Masterclass, but registration is essential to reserve your place as space will be limited.

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