High Latitude family cruising in a Class 40

Garry Lock MD Harken NZ big part of the team helping us go into the deep blue once more. Nothing happens in the game without friendship and expertise!
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James Burwick and Somira Sao are in New Zealand while they prepare to head into the Southern Pacific Ocean for what James calls High Latitude Adventure.

That's not particularly unusual in itself but what is astonishing is that they will have three very young children (all under 5) including a new baby and instead of a four bedroom home in the suburbs, this cruising couple call their high performance Open 40 race boat Anasazi Girl home.

Find out more about James, Somira, their family, Anasazi Racing and how they do what they do in the March Yachting World magazine and you can follow them on facebook

http://www.facebook.com/anasaziracing or blogspot www.anasaziracing.blogspot.com

Anasazi Girl night - Anasazi ocean night
Somira Sao