Help end the waste of bluefin tuna in the United States

by IGFA 
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Please take 30 seconds to sign the petition today and help end the waste of bluefin tuna in the United States and ensure that surface longlingers, not recreational fishermen, are held accountable for incidental bycatch.

Surface longlines kill thousands of hard-fighting game fish, including white marlin, sailfish, and bluefin tuna. In 2012, the fishery threw back dead nearly 25% of the U.S. bluefin quota. Please join us in calling on NOAA Fisheries to implement strong measures that will protect spawning bluefin in the Gulf of Mexico and reduce unwanted catch off North Carolina, hold surface longliners accountable for bluefin bycatch, maintain current bluefin quota allocations, and promote increased fishing opportunities for recreational anglers.

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