Helena Lucas comments on Qingdao life

Helena Lucas prepares for 2.4mR at Paralympics 2008 - image HL blog
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Helena Lucas is in seventh in the 2.4mR event after five races at Qingdao. Wednesday has been a rest day for all the sailors, the whole team including support staff opted to take to the water for some team starting practice.

Here is a selection from Helena Lucas' blog from her arrival for the Games:

Helena Lucas
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It seems like an age since we stepped off the plane at Qingdao airport to our phones beeping with Kirsty’s text that the Star boys had won Gold!

We timed our arrival on the 21 August to perfection, just in time for the big team GBR Party. It seemed to do the trick with getting over the jet lag and we spent the next couple of days catching up with everyone and congratulating them on such a great performance.

But it was soon down to business when they disappeared off to Beijing for the closing ceremony. After a long day in the dinghy park we all met up in the Sea View Gardens hotel to get a glimpse of the Olympic team on TV and watch Beckham kick his ball atop a Red London Bus.

The next couple of days were spent down at Yinhai marina, sometimes in the compound some times not, depending on whether the manager refused the British team entry or not over a minor financial matter.

Since then its been productive days on the water and trying out the new lycra sailing fashion. The lycra leggings have been a huge hit with Sonar Steve who passed the comment 'why do I always look like a gimp at the Paralympics'

We moved into the village on the 30th and into our luxury 5 star hotel. We had been staying in the team house, having to fend for ourselves and put up with the boys toilet habits, So Sue and I embraced the Hotel with open arms.

It also makes the whole training regime so much easier having a gym on site, the boats in walking distance and the awesome work shop container where small miracles can be produced.

So it time to capture the dream and follow in the foot steps of the Olympic team.

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