Heaven Can Wait- One Lap Dash results

Melges 24 Kaito arriving late - 2007 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race
Helen Hopcroft
The winners of the Heaven Can Wait ‘One Lap Dash’ were announced at a ceremony at Mannering Park Yacht Club tonight. The Melges 24 Kaito was the winner, closely followed by the Thompson 7 Team GUE and Woof an Elliott 7.
"OSBHeaven can Wait" Y780 0.822 12:00 PMDNF   0.000.00
"High Spirits" RL 24    0.765DK12:00 PM    0.000.00
"High Spirits" RL 24     0.725SK12:00 PMDNF   0.000.00
"Blarney" Castle 650 0.725 12:00 PM 55247352.78255.7710
"Mischief" Castle 550 0.675 12:00 PM 55855358.92242.278
"Woof" Elliott 7 0.835 12:00 PM 4337273.12228.053
"Moondance" Jarcat 6.2 0.667 12:00 PM    0.000.00
"Katrina" Careel 18 0.611 12:00 PM 61437374.62228.894
"Southern Cross" Ross 780 0.795 12:00 PM 54637346.62275.5613
"OD 18 foot skiff League" TBA 1.045 12:00 PMDNF   0.000.00
"F18" TBA 1.023 12:00 PM    0.000.00
"T870" TBA 0.960 12:00 PM    0.000.00 
"Maserati" MASRM 920 0.840 12:00 PM 43646276.77232.486
"Team G.U.E" T7 0.895 12:00 PM 4927249.45223.262
"Rush" T8 0.950 12:00 PM 4316243.27231.105
"TBA" Young 770 0.838 12:00 PMDNF   0.000.00
"Gone too Farr" Farr 7500 0.720 12:00 PM 55536355.60256.0311
"Kaito" Melges 24 0.890 12:00 PM 4859248.98221.601
"Stealthy" 0.990 12:00 PM 4139241.65239.237
"SRB" JS38 0.891 12:00 PM 44353283.88252.949
"Lyric" Carter 33 0.732 12:00 PM 668366.13268.0112
Note : Team G.U.E and Stealthy have entered both the 1 Lap Dash and 24-hour.

Melges builder Heath Walters was thrilled with Kaito's success, especially after the boat's late start. Most of the Heaven Can Wait fleet had already crossed the Raffertys Resort start line when Kaito was spotted rapidly approaching. Kaito came racing in under spinnaker and managed to carry it across the start line until forced to tack when she got close to the eastern shore. She crossed the line at least 30 seconds behind the last boat in the fleet.
Heath Walters receiving the One Lap Dash trophy after Kaito's win - 2007 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race
Helen Hopcroft

Heath Walters received a model cannon as a trophy.

Skipper Jim Walsh was similarly pleased with the success of his sportsboat Woof. He joked that he had asked his dog to come up with a name for his boat, then gave a lovely speech thanking Mannering Park Yacht Club for hosting the race. He commented that small suburban clubs like MPYC are made of people rather than bricks and mortar, and applauded the herculean efforts of race organiser Shaun Lewicki. Walsh said that the One Lap Dash was a great event for sportsboats and he would be bringing his boat back next year.
Skipper Jim Walsh (centre) with crew members Ed Blackman and Michael Kennedy - 2007 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race
Helen Hopcroft

Team GUE was still out racing as part of the 24 hour course so were unable to attend the presentation.


MPYC Commodore Andy Whitbourne (right) and previous Commodore Mike Lewicki - 2007 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race
Helen Hopcroft

Mike and Anne Lewicki (race organiser Shaun Lewicki’s parents) - 2007 Heaven Can Wait 24 hour yacht race
Helen Hopcroft