Greenpeace yacht restored and relaunched in Auckland

Protest yacht Vega relaunch March 2013
Alistair Deaves

The former Greenpeace vessel Vega has been relaunched at Westpark Marina after an extensive 10 month refit. Initially just out for a repaint by Jason Hamilton and Global Yacht Finishers, it was soon apparent that more work was needed.

The whole cabin top was replaced along with all 36 cabin side bolts. The interior was also extensively modified while the deck hatches, skylight and companionway underwent major repairs.

The boatbuilding work was done by Alistair Deaves and Corey Rademaekers while the interior was painted by the crew of owners.

Vega is now in private ownership and will be kept at the Maritime Museum in Auckland.

Vega was one of the Greenpeace protest fleet, sailing to Mururoa Atoll near Tahiti to protest at the French nuclear testing in the Pacific