Gales of Change Australian midweek editorial

Sydney to Hobart veteran Rupert Murdoch recently reminded the print world .. ‘A new generation of media consumers has risen demanding content delivered when they want it, how they want it, and very much as they want it.’

In the Marine world change is coming fast at all levels. In our own backyard, the TetraMedia team last week launched our very well received Australian Cruising.

Next week our new Power Boating site comes online. If your company is advertising in print media, we think our 'Gales of Change' article is a must read.

As we expand, we are looking for a Marine Feature writer, details below.

The Australian Navy and Airforce will be pleased to see that Tony Bullimore will be much closer to Australia in his upcoming solo circulation, as he is scheduled to start and finish in Hobart in July 2006.

Brunel beat ABN Amro Two into New York, not exactly world beating, but encouraging as GW explains.

Lots of interesting news again today.