GLYC Easter Regatta and Paynesville Rendezvous

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GLYC Easter Regatta and Paynesville Rendezvous.

The Trailable Yacht Division of Yachting Victoria and the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club are proud to announce a new event on the 2011 trailable calendar; the GLYC Easter Regatta and Paynesville Rendezvous.

The GLYC Easter Regatta and Paynesville Rendezvous will take place from Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th April 2011.

The new event combines the long established GLYC racing program (the Easter Regatta) with a social/education/cruise program of the Paynesville Rendezvous. Boats owners and their crews would be able to participate in both the racing and other programs of the event. They could have a very relaxing time with just the cruising, socialising and educational talks/meals program or race in any or all of the races and still participate in the Rendezvous activities.

The aims of the event are many but are based around two main themes, Promotion and Education.

In addition to this promotion and information aspect of the event there are many social activities planned throughout the weekend to allow boat owners plenty of time for socializing, swapping stories, checking out boats and general enjoyment of their boats.

Registration costs and race entries will be kept low to encourage participation.

Participation in the event is aimed at both Class Association/Yacht Club members plus other trailable yacht owners in the Lakes area over the Easter break. The Trailable Yacht Division is aware that many Class Associations and TY owners from Clubs organize cruises and activities at the Lakes over the Easter period, the GLYC Easter Regatta and Paynesville Rendezvous activities are not meant to replace these activities but rather complement and enhance them. It is hoped that Class associations and Clubs conducting activities at the Lakes at Easter time plan their activities so as to give an opportunity for their members to participate in some or all of the Regatta or Rendezvous activities.

For further information contact Rob Ballard of the TYD (robert.ballard3(at) or James Frecheville, GLYC Promotions Officer (frecheboat(ay)