Further delay for Team Legato

Position: 36 06'N 4 58'W
Speed at time of satellite poll: 2.0 knots
Average speed for last hour: 2.3 knots
Course: 344 Degrees
Distance covered over 24 hours: 83 miles
Distance to finish: 673 miles

As Team Legato passed through the Gibraltar Straits yesterday evening, Warta
Polpharma crossed the finish line in Marseilles. TEAM LEGATO is now faced
with light headwinds, and making slow progress towards the finish, and are
now expecting to arrive Friday evening.

'Many congratulations to Roman for finishing in Marseilles. He and his crew
have shown great grit to overcome the hull damage and to finish the Race. We
hope to do the same on Friday if the winds improve.' Said Tony Bullimore
this afternoon.

Leading positions at 15:00 GMT today

1. Club Med Finished Marseilles 19:56GMT 3.03.01
2. Innovation Explorer Finished Marseilles 11:32GMT 6.03.01
3. Team Adventure Finished Marseilles 09:30GMT 24.03.01
4. Warta Polpharma - Finished 10.04.01
5. Team Legato + 673 miles - Pit-stopped in Las Palmas 06.04.01
6. PlayStation - RETIRED 14.01

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