For the yacht owner who already has everything...

You’ll never spill another drop - not matter what the sea state
.. .
You think you have EVERYTHING on your yacht? - the deep freeze? The air conditioner? The best wine? All the little luxuries? - but do you have one of THESE?

For the yacht owner who already has everything, here's the present from heaven, a gimballed champagne holder - so you'll never spill another drop of Moet again.

This extraordinary tribute to hedonism was designed for Dutch company Bottler BV by a famous Dutch interior yacht designer, who was inspired by Gerolamo Cardano, the Italian physician, philosopher and mathematician. In 1537 he developed his 'cardanic suspension' (gimbals), in order to hold the compass stably against the ships movements. It consisted of three concentric rings, in which the compass hung always perpendicularly.

The Bottler is manufactured by hand with watch-making precision and can be custom designed to match any interior.

If you do decide to invest in one of these, you'll be in good company – One yacht we know has the champagne holder on board is the sleek and stylish, Italian 150-foot yacht Princess Iolanthe. Then there's 197 ft super yacht Paraffin whose owner Mike Kittredge boasts one to complement his 400 bottle 'wine cellar' in the dining saloon .

If you're planning it as a gift, it'll have to be for a very good friend - Prices start from €5.000

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