Foiling Week - Italian Moth Championship - Final results

Josh Lake Garda 2014
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Josh McKnight, winner of the Moth Worlds in 2012 has started his campaign for the 2014 Moth worlds with a win at the Italian Open Moth Nationals in Lake Garda, Italy with seven bullets out of nine races. This regatta opened The Foiling Week at Lake Garda and attracted competitors from around the world including the current US Nationals winner Anthony Kotoun.

The conditions were breezy (up to 30 knots on day one) which suited Josh. However, this took the toll on the boats with Rob Gough, also from Australia having gear breakage on Day three. Foiling week includes presentations on foiling across the many classes. Josh is now heading to Hayling Island in the UK for the Moth Worlds which starts on 16th July. The Worlds has attracted a fleet of over 130 boats with entries from Olympic medalists and America’s Cup sailors including 2011 Moth world Champion Nathan Outteridge.

Josh Lake Garda 2014
un known

Three races were sailed on the last day of the Italian Moth Championship, all three won by Josh McKnight AUS, who is the stellar winner of the competition ahead of Anthony Kotoun ISV and Ben Patton GBR. The oceanic racer Sébastien Col FRA finished the event on rank 23 among the 33 participants.

On Tuesday, the Lake Garda Foiling-Week continues with test and trial heats for the multihulls and kites, while the Moths will be competing in an Invitational Race.

 Complete Results:
1AUS 4142Mac Knight Josh, Maschio, RPAYC7,011(4)11(2)111
2ISV 4022Kotoun Anthony, Maschio, Sail Newport20,0222624(dns)(11)2
3GBR 4Paton Ben, Maschio, YC Lymington27,06353433(dns)(dns)
4GBR 4038Offer Tom, Maschio, Rock SC30,05(8)346552(dns)
5AUS 6Gough Rob, Maschio, RYCT36,0341231(dns)(dns)22
6ITA 4093Rizzi Stefano, Maschio, SVOC41,075655(11)(12)76
7SUI 4112Rast Chritopher, Maschio, TYC/RCO/MBYC42,0(19)67(12)910235
8GBR 3985Hiscocks Simon, Maschio, WPNSA43,0878(ocs)7(13)643
9AUS 3900Mc Dougall Andrew, Maschio, Black Rock YL45,049(dns)10(14)6484
10ITA 4108Stuffer Harald, Maschio, AVLC64,010(15)14910(16)768
11ITA 4092De Paoli Carlo, Maschio, CV TORBOLE69,014(18)11(17)1112957
12ITA 3855Mazzetti Fabio, Maschio, CV ARCO74,0121198(13)(15)131011
13SUI 3626Reneker Matthias, Maschio, RCO79,01314(17)(16)12910912
14ITA 4030Lanulfi Marco, Maschio, YC Acquafresca86,011(dns)(dns)7158151614
15SUI 4032De Siebenthal Jean Pierre, Maschio, SN GENEVE97,015(24)(20)1919714149
16ITA 3901Stuffer Peter, Maschio, AVLC99,01620(21)(21)161481213
17ITA 41Ferrighi Stefano, Maschio, FV Riva100,09(dns)(dns)138dns111310
18FRA 3879Blanc Pierre, Maschio, C. VAR MER111,017121318(20)1716(21)18
19GER 3389Huber Thomas, Maschio, SVBb122,0(27)17101522(dns)182515
20ITA 4027Ziliani Mario, Maschio, ANS126,02116(22)(23)1722191516
21SUI 3858Schneiter Sebastian, Maschio, SNG127,0(25)(25)12201818171725
22ITA 3912Dubbini Leonardo, Maschio, SC GARDA SALO'129,01810(26)112620(dns)2024
23ITA 3887Gritti Matteo, Maschio, AVAS134,02213(24)(24)2119211919
24GER 3843Maege Carlo, Maschio151,0241915142525(dns)29(dns)
25FRA 11Col Sebastian, Maschio, YCPR151,0(26)2316(26)2426231821
26FRA 3875Marie Benoit, Maschio, SNO NANTES151,020281922(dns)(dns)222317
27SUI 3836Petrino Adriano, Maschio, CVLL160,0232125(dns)232424(dns)20
28ITA 3949Monzini Michele, Maschio, CFV Skiffsailing Dongo164,0(31)2218(27)2721252427
29AUT 3435Sch?nleitner Michael, Maschio, UYCAs167,0(28)26(dns)252823202223
30AUT 3219Stelzl Maximilian, Maschio, UYCAs184,0(32)272328(30)27262726
31GER 3986Thias Michael, Maschio, WSGR201,030(dnf)(dns)303128282628
32ITA 3392Rizzotti Luca, Maschio, Skiffsailing221,02929(dns)(dns)dnsdns2728dns
33ITA 855Conti Davide Lupo, Maschio, Skiff Sailing231,0(dns)(dns)dns292929dnsdnsdns
34ITA 4138Ferrighi Gian Maria, Maschio, FV Riva252,0(dnf)(dns)dnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdns
34GER 398Gimpl Klaus, ?, SC Altensee252,0(dns)(dns)dnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdns