Foiling Moth wins Bloody Mary (almost)

Line honours in the Bloody Mary went to Graham Vials in a foiling Moth, but as he was not eligible for the main prize, the Bloody Mary event went to Rob Greenhalgh and Dan Johnson in their International 14.

The annual pursuit race, held at the Queen Mary SC near London, attracted 260 entries, with 240 racing.

Foiling Moths took first and fourth, with Graham Vials taking the Line Honours, Rob Greenhalgh and Dan Johnson were second andevent winners, Pete Barton and Boonie Moody in a Cherub were third.

It was a day for the fast boats. Harry Pynn, seventh in his Lark, was the first none trapeze/foiler dinghy and Geoff Carveth the first non-foiler single hander in a Solo was tenth.

Completing the Foiler revolution was Olly Straker in a foiler version of the RS600 trapeze single hander, finishing 12th.

Bloody Mary - Leading positions (260 entries)

1 Vials, Graham Internation Moth - Foil
2 Greenhalgh, Robert International 14
3 Barton, Peter Cherub
4 Belben, Jason Internation Moth - Foil
5 Hiscocks, Simon 49er
6 Gibson, Neal Cherub
7 Pynn, Harry Lark
8 Partington, Andy International 14
9 Jones, Martin International 14
10 Carveth, Geoff Solo
11 Camm, Graham National 12
12 Straker, Olly RS600 Foil
13 Whitehouse, Chris Lark
14 Blake, Simon Merlin Rocket
15 Woodworth, Mason 18 ft Skiff
16 Meadowcroft, John National 12
17 Wayling, John Phantom
18 Biggs, Matt Merlin Rocket
19 Pearson, Julian International 14
20 Stewart, Tom Merlin Rocket
21 Martin, Caroline National 12
22 Jeffs, Carl GP14
23 Tylecote, Steve Firefly
24 Truswell, Glen Merlin Rocket
25 Burridge, Rob Laser 2000
26 Gilbert, Roger Merlin Rocket
27 Jones, Justin Lark
28 Warren, William Merlin Rocket
29 Cage, Rob Firefly
30 Davis, Andy Merlin Rocket
31 Forshaw, Grahame Bosun
32 Goodman, Daniel Solo
33 Hunter, Martin Thames A Rater
34 Smith, Colin RS200
35 Ball, Michael Solo
36 Dalby, Andy Merlin Rocket
37 Brunton, Adrian Finn
38 O'Toole, Timothy Solo
39 Fuller, Mark Merlin Rocket
40 Edwards, Richard RS200
41 Trim, Roland Cherub
42 Smith, Barney Firefly
43 Marlow, Nick Lark
44 Deal, Justin RS200
45 Antonelli, Sue RS200
46 Charles, Nick RS200
47 Peters, Andrew RS200
48 Pinnell, Ian 505
49 Loy, Will Solo
50 Wilkie, Mike Solo