Flying 15 Worlds Day 6 - Leaders extend

Flying 15 World Championships 2011 Photo: Chris Balshall (copyright)
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Flying 15 World Championships at Hayling Island SC conclude Thursday 28th July.

The main Worlds fleet completed one race which was won by Graham Vials and Chris Turner. Second was Ian Cleaver and Steve Milne, third Brett Dingwall and Jonathan Clark. Vials and Turner now have a 15 point lead ahead of Mike and Gemma McIntyre, with two more races possible. The second race was abandoned.

The Derwent Water pair continued their low scoring path to the Flying 15 World title despite the light, fickle wind out in Hayling Bay Wednesday. The fleet launched early and then spent over four hours waiting for the wind to settle for any reasonable amount of time. It wasn't until around 13:00 hrs that it rose above 5 knots.

The 60 boats of the gold fleet eventually got away in a northerly at six to seven knots. Series leaders, Vials and Turner had an average start and worked the shifts, while keeping a watch on nearest rivals, Mike and Gemma McIntyre. At the top mark Nigel and Gavin Tullett led from Matt Owen and Andrew Reed with Vials and Turner rounding third.

The wind had gone left and made a tight reach and then a broad run. The second beat was a long starboard tack with the tide and at the spreader marks, Vials and Turner took the right hand and Ian Cleaver and Steve Milne the left. From here Vials and Turner took the lead and eventually a comfortable win. Clever and Milne were second and Dingwall and Clark third.

Graham described the conditions, 'just like Lake sailing', which might explain the five inland-water based boats in the top seven today. Not quite how some would describe the difficult conditions they have experienced for most of the two weeks of the championships. The normal sea-breeze dominated sailing in Hayling Bay has been conspicuous by its absence. And conditions show little sign of improving for the final day.

At the suggestion that they might have found things very different in a stronger breeze, being a lightweight crew, Graham pointed out that they were using a different rig to the norm for the class. A softer Alto mast and a mainsail with more luff curve in the head which he felt helped them stay with the heavier crews. Their Ovington hull is a standard Mk 10 with an extra layer of carbon.

An early start has been posted for Thursday, with the hope of completing two final races, but for Vials and Turner it looks to be little more than a formality. Staying close to Mike and Gemma McIntyre will be their priority, but they are sailing so well this week they will have to try very hard to miss the top podium spot. - GN

The Classic/Silver fleet completed two races today. First Classic race won by Bobby Salmond and Robert Till GBR627. Second race by David Morgan and Lorena Walden GBR2663. Overall Salmond and Till lead from Morgan and Walden.

In the Silver fleet, Hachez Veronique and Pitou Vanderpoel BEL2818 won the first race, Mike Pelegrin and Erwan Gouriou FRA3164 the second race. Malcolm and Alex Hall lead the Silver overall.

Grant Alderson and Dean Mcaullay (Royal Freshwater Bay YC) are the best placed Australians in seventh place, followed by David Tucker and Matthew Summers (Royal Freshwater Bay YC) in tenth.

2011 International Flying Fifteen World Championship Gold Fleet
1st27GoldGBR3972VIALS GrahamTURNER ChrisDerwent SC3. BFD)
2nd20GoldGBR3928MCINTYRE MikeMCINTYRE GemmaHayling Island SC11.0(34.0)
3rd33GoldGBR3902MCKEE AndyJONES RichardDovestone SC(12.0)(18.0)
4th24GoldGBR3922DAVY JeremyCHILDS SimonHayling Island SC5.04.0(16.0)
5th12GoldGBR3920WELLS GregDARLING MarkHayling Island SC2.01.0(17.0)
6th19GoldGBR3911PETERS RussellHALL TimHayling Island SC(18.0)(13.0)
7th10GoldAUS3933ALDERSON GrantMCAULLAY DeanRoyal Freshwater Bay YC4.03.0(32.0)
8th18GoldGBR3941BAX AlanMASTERMAN BillHayling Island SC(29.0)2.03.0(13.0)
9th41GoldGBR3821GOACHER SteveEVANS PhilRoyal Windermere YC9. BFD)11.0(20.0)113.044.0
10th115GoldAUS3781TUCKER DavidSUMMERS MatthewRoyal Freshwater Bay YC10.05.0(19.0)10.013.0(18.0)
11th3GoldGBR3957APTHORP CharlesTAPPENDEN GavinHayling Island SC20.
12th1GoldGBR3917HART MikeRIGG RichardPort Dinorwic SC17.0(23.0)
13th84GoldNZL3754SANDALL JamesROBINSON GraemeWairoa YC/Napier SC1.
14th32GoldGBR3905MCKEE DavidHEWKIN ChrisDovestone SC5.015.014.0(19.0)8.09.0(31.0)6.0107.057.0
15th52GoldIRL3892MCKEE BrianSMYTH IanStrangford Lough YC1.0(17.0)
16th35GoldGBR3977POTTS SimonHARPER TimShustoke SC(27.0)(30.0)
17th110GoldAUS3984OWEN MattREED AndrewCanberra YC15.0(29.0)13.0(49.0 DSQ)
18th105GoldAUS3619PACKER RonaldMUDFORD PeterRoyal Freshwater Bay YC2.
19th31GoldGBR3862JAMESON AndrewGRANT JamesHayling Island SC17.02.0(22.0)
20th23GoldGBR3904CRAVEN-SMITH HenryALVARADO MattHayling Island SC(38.0)(33.0)
21st34GoldLCA3690GREEN MichaelGREEN MarkST Lucia Yacht Club13.0(49.0 OCS)
22nd16GoldGBR3896PETERS NickYEATES NickHayling Island SC12.0(36.0) DNC)167.070.0
23rd100GoldAUS3881HAWKINS AdamJONES BenMornington YC22.07.0(28.0)
24th39GoldGBR3937KNELLER SimonLUCAS DaveGrafham Water SC(23.0) DNC)16.0158.074.0
25th51GoldRSA3868HARRIS PatrickKRIEK JeremyRoyal Natal YC10.018.04.0(49.0 DNC)
26th45GoldGBR3953HOGBEN RobertMORGAN GlynBewl Valley SC6.
27th55GoldIRL3883LAVERY JohnO'BRIEN DavidNational YC Dunlaoghaire(30.0)
28th37GoldGBR3816TULLETT NigelTULLETT GavinRoyal Windermere YC8.021.0(26.0)
29th15GoldGBR3716WAPLES ChrisWAPLES TomHayling Island SC20.03.0(25.0)
30th40GoldGBR3954WAPLES JustinSTOWE IainRoyal Corinthian YC6.0(22.0)
31st114GoldAUS3903CLEAVER IanMILNE SteveRoyal Highland YC(44.0)
32nd6GoldGBR3875DINGWALL BrettCLARK JonathanDatchet Water SC(24.0)
33rd38GoldGBR3667LONGSTAFF MarkWARD JonOgston SC16.012.04.0(23.0)
34th85GoldNZL3839LOWE BenGILBERT KateGlendowie Boating Club(35.0)
35th82GoldGBR3936DOUTHWAITE SteveAVERLEY PaulDerwent SC19.09.08.0(28.0)23.019.0(41.0)22.0169.0100.0
36th8GoldGBR3812MAXFIELD HenryDALLIMORE JonHayling Island SC31.0(35.0)
37th87GoldNZL3840GILBERT MurrayBURGESS JonathanRoyal Akarana YC11.
38th83GoldFRA3961BIET ArnaudCONSTANT FabienYacht Club de Dinard(28.0)
39th7GoldGBR3736BANNISTER PeterBANNISTER SueHayling Island SC18. BFD)24.0(29.0)181.0103.0
40th62GoldRSA3916HEGERSTROM SteveDOBSON GreggRoyal Natal YC4.07.030.0(31.0)
41st21GoldGBR3955BROWNING GillWEATHERILL SimonHayling Island SC23.011.0(35.0)
42nd86GoldNZL3838LEYDON JohnWILLIAMS SandraMotueka Y&CC24.09.08.0(35.0)25.027.0(39.0)31.0198.0124.0
43rd109GoldAUS3968MILNE PeterWILLIAMSON DavidSandringham YC22.012.020.0(23.0)
44th36GoldGBR3851LINDER IanSWEETMAN KevinBurghfield SC(34.0) DNC)225.0130.0
45th56GoldIRL3893LAWSON PeterBRIDGES BarryPortaferry SC33.
46th9GoldGBR3974BAYLISS GeoffRUMFITT TimHayling Island SC(30.0)
47th103GoldAUS3930COLLINGS DaleSCHEEN GlennMordialloc SC9.028.0(36.0)
48th66GoldFRA3976DERMARTIAL BernardRENAULT Jean-YvesYacht Club de Dinard3.
49th49GoldGBR3965OSMAN AnthonyMURPHY AndrewParkstone YC25.019.0(34.0)
50th29GoldGBR3730GODWIN RobertGODWIN StuartHayling Island SC(45.0)
51st73GoldGBR3950CLARKE JulianPAINTER AshleyGrafham Water SC40.0(43.0)
52nd17GoldGBR3947NICHOLSON IanNICHOLSON JamesHayling Island SC28.0(29.0) DNC)54.0243.0153.0
53rd117GoldAUS3833BURTENSHAW PeterBURTENSHAW TravisSouth of Perth YC13.0(32.0)
54th22GoldGBR3959GODDARD AndyHARTLAND MalDovestone SC19.
55th89GoldAUS3919DALY MarkTAYLOR CameronDaveys Bay YC7.017.0(39.0)
56th58GoldHKG3981WILLIAMS HowardNELSON JosephRoyal Hong Kong YC27.
57th42GoldGBR3914TATTERSALL AdrianSMART TimParkstone YC32.026.0(42.0)
58th108GoldAUS3964LUCAS SimonLUCAS AileenPrincess Royal SC14.024.015.0(39.0)34.036.0(55.0)53.0270.0176.0
59th116GoldAUS3800LESLIE RupertGOODING MarkSouth of Perth YC14.0(42.0) BFD)281.0178.0
60th63GoldIRL3850MULLIGAN BenDOHERTY AlistairDublin Bay SC(41.0) BFD)289.0187.0
F2 - Gold FleetStart: Gold Fleet, Finishes: Place
1 27 Gold GBR 3972 VIALS Graham TURNER Chris Derwent SC 1 1.0
2 114 Gold AUS 3903 CLEAVER Ian MILNE Steve Royal Highland YC 2 2.0
3 6 Gold GBR 3875 DINGWALL Brett CLARK Jonathan Datchet Water SC 3 3.0
4 110 Gold AUS 3984 OWEN Matt REED Andrew Canberra YC 4 4.0
5 37 Gold GBR 3816 TULLETT Nigel TULLETT Gavin Royal Windermere YC 5 5.0
6 32 Gold GBR 3905 MCKEE David HEWKIN Chris Dovestone SC 6 6.0
7 33 Gold GBR 3902 MCKEE Andy JONES Richard Dovestone SC 7 7.0
8 115 Gold AUS 3781 TUCKER David SUMMERS Matthew Royal Freshwater Bay YC 8 8.0
9 19 Gold GBR 3911 PETERS Russell HALL Tim Hayling Island SC 9 9.0
10 18 Gold GBR 3941 BAX Alan MASTERMAN Bill Hayling Island SC 10 10.0
11 3 Gold GBR 3957 APTHORP Charles TAPPENDEN Gavin Hayling Island SC 11 11.0
12 12 Gold GBR 3920 WELLS Greg DARLING Mark Hayling Island SC 12 12.0
13 20 Gold GBR 3928 MCINTYRE Mike MCINTYRE Gemma Hayling Island SC 13 13.0
14 40 Gold GBR 3954 WAPLES Justin STOWE Iain Royal Corinthian YC 14 14.0
15 34 Gold LCA 3690 GREEN Michael GREEN Mark ST Lucia Yacht Club 15 15.0
16 39 Gold GBR 3937 KNELLER Simon LUCAS Dave Grafham Water SC 16 16.0
17 105 Gold AUS 3619 PACKER Ronald MUDFORD Peter Royal Freshwater Bay YC 17 17.0
18 35 Gold GBR 3977 POTTS Simon HARPER Tim Shustoke SC 18 18.0
19 15 Gold GBR 3716 WAPLES Chris WAPLES Tom Hayling Island SC 19 19.0
20 41 Gold GBR 3821 GOACHER Steve EVANS Phil Royal Windermere YC 20 20.0
21 55 Gold IRL 3883 LAVERY John O'BRIEN David National YC Dunlaoghaire 21 21.0
22 82 Gold GBR 3936 DOUTHWAITE Steve AVERLEY Paul Derwent SC 22 22.0
23 52 Gold IRL 3892 MCKEE Brian SMYTH Ian Strangford Lough YC 23 23.0
24 51 Gold RSA 3868 HARRIS Patrick KRIEK Jeremy Royal Natal YC 24 24.0
25 87 Gold NZL 3840 GILBERT Murray BURGESS Jonathan Royal Akarana YC 25 25.0
26 85 Gold NZL 3839 LOWE Ben GILBERT Kate Glendowie Boating Club 26 26.0
27 9 Gold GBR 3974 BAYLISS Geoff RUMFITT Tim Hayling Island SC 27 27.0
28 23 Gold GBR 3904 CRAVEN-SMITH Henry ALVARADO Matt Hayling Island SC 28 28.0
29 7 Gold GBR 3736 BANNISTER Peter BANNISTER Sue Hayling Island SC 29 29.0
30 10 Gold AUS 3933 ALDERSON Grant MCAULLAY Dean Royal Freshwater Bay YC 30 30.0
31 86 Gold NZL 3838 LEYDON John WILLIAMS Sandra Motueka Y&CC 31 31.0
32 100 Gold AUS 3881 HAWKINS Adam JONES Ben Mornington YC 32 32.0
33 21 Gold GBR 3955 BROWNING Gill WEATHERILL Simon Hayling Island SC 33 33.0
34 31 Gold GBR 3862 JAMESON Andrew GRANT James Hayling Island SC 34 34.0
35 38 Gold GBR 3667 LONGSTAFF Mark WARD Jon Ogston SC 35 35.0
36 45 Gold GBR 3953 HOGBEN Robert MORGAN Glyn Bewl Valley SC 36 36.0
37 83 Gold FRA 3961 BIET Arnaud CONSTANT Fabien Yacht Club de Dinard 37 37.0
38 24 Gold GBR 3922 DAVY Jeremy CHILDS Simon Hayling Island SC 38 38.0
39 58 Gold HKG 3981 WILLIAMS Howard NELSON Joseph Royal Hong Kong YC 39 39.0
40 66 Gold FRA 3976 DERMARTIAL Bernard RENAULT Jean-Yves Yacht Club de Dinard 40 40.0
41 103 Gold AUS 3930 COLLINGS Dale SCHEEN Glenn Mordialloc SC 41 41.0
42 62 Gold RSA 3916 HEGERSTROM Steve DOBSON Gregg Royal Natal YC 42 42.0
43 109 Gold AUS 3968 MILNE Peter WILLIAMSON David Sandringham YC 43 43.0
44 22 Gold GBR 3959 GODDARD Andy HARTLAND Mal Dovestone SC 44 44.0
45 117 Gold AUS 3833 BURTENSHAW Peter BURTENSHAW Travis South of Perth YC 45 45.0
46 49 Gold GBR 3965 OSMAN Anthony MURPHY Andrew Parkstone YC 46 46.0
47 56 Gold IRL 3893 LAWSON Peter BRIDGES Barry Portaferry SC 47 47.0
48 73 Gold GBR 3950 CLARKE Julian PAINTER Ashley Grafham Water SC 48 48.0
49 84 Gold NZL 3754 SANDALL James ROBINSON Graeme Wairoa YC/Napier SC 49 49.0
50 42 Gold GBR 3914 TATTERSALL Adrian SMART Tim Parkstone YC 50 50.0
51 1 Gold GBR 3917 HART Mike RIGG Richard Port Dinorwic SC 51 51.0
52 8 Gold GBR 3812 MAXFIELD Henry DALLIMORE Jon Hayling Island SC 52 52.0
53 108 Gold AUS 3964 LUCAS Simon LUCAS Aileen Princess Royal SC 53 53.0
54 17 Gold GBR 3947 NICHOLSON Ian NICHOLSON James Hayling Island SC 54 54.0
55 89 Gold AUS 3919 DALY Mark TAYLOR Cameron Daveys Bay YC 55 55.0
56 29 Gold GBR 3730 GODWIN Robert GODWIN Stuart Hayling Island SC 56 56.0
57 116 Gold AUS 3800 LESLIE Rupert GOODING Mark South of Perth YC BFD 61.0
57 63 Gold IRL 3850 MULLIGAN Ben DOHERTY Alistair Dublin Bay SC BFD 61.0

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