Fishing and Dinghy Sailing can go together; check out the evidence!

James Turner and Logan Dunning Beck (left) bring home the dinner
Anthea Dunning

James Turner and Logan Dunning Beck have joined forces recently in the 420 class. They are both experienced youth sailors and share a love of fishing as well.

However on Saturday they were able to combine their sailing with a spot of fortuitous fish gathering when out training off Murrays Bay. The boys spotted a commotion on the surface and sailed over to see a large John Dory flapping in the water with a small flounder stuck in its mouth.

Logan scooped up the fish and released the flounder (which promptly swam away). They put the John Dory in their spinnaker bag and sailed ashore to despatch it. The fish fed 5 people for dinner!

In terms of their 420 sailing, James and Logan are training hard with a view to competing in the 2010 Youth Worlds and the 420 Open World Championships.