First Aid

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First Aid is again something that you don’t want to think you will need, but anyone going to sea for more than an hour or two could be in the situation of having to render first aid, because there’s no-one else there to do it!

There are many organisations offer First Aid Courses, St Johns Ambulancesame being the best known of these, and of course The Red Cross.
TAFEsame also runs courses, as do some Yacht Clubs.
Do check on the above links to find the course that suits you best.

However, there is a problem with the First Aid Courses, as far as the cruising sailor is concerned. While on land the time that the renderer of First Aid has to ‘hold the fort’ is usually only up to an hour or so, before professional help is at hand. At sea, even on an overnight sail, it could be much longer than that. For those who sail for longer periods, in the worst case it could be days before relief comes. There is an urgent need for courses specially designed for the cruising sailor.