Fireball European Championship at Yacht Club Bracciano Est

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Fireball European Championship 2012 is to be held at Yacht Club Bracciano Est (YCBE) in Rome during the week of 21st to 27th July.

The Fireball itself has been captivating the public attention because of the light structure and manageability in sailing (requires only two people and a trapezoid) especially in English-speaking countries where it is widely known. Therefore, races can be organized at national and international level. Thanks to European and World Fireball Championships, everybody can watch and enjoy these races which are delightful to the professionals as well as to the amateurs.

As Armando Cattaneo, President of YCBE and Chairman of the organizing committee, mentioned earlier this event will be international in nature since the Bracciano lake will see several crews from different countries like Ireland, UK, Slovenia, Belgium, Australia and Canada racing on its waters. The favorable location, not only for the wind power but also for the historical setting, will offer the public an unforgettable experience which will attract many.

Yacht Club Bracciano Est was founded in 1973 and it is one of the sailing clubs of the IVth Zone FIV with the longer history in the sport of sailing having hosted many European and World Championships since 2001 with the participation of about 90 crews from all over the world. It is our wish and goal to offer such an exciting experience again.

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