Finn World Masters – 235 Finn sailors having fun + Video

2014 Finn World Masters
The 2014 Finn World Masters was a week of all or nothing. At the start there was not enough wind and then towards the end, almost too much wind. In spite of that, the same faces were pushing the front of the fleet with Michael Maier (CZE)) collecting a record sixth World Masters title. For runner-up Andre Budzien (GER), it was his tenth time on the podium, an equally impressive record. The bronze for Aleksandr Kuliukin (RUS) perhaps signals a new force in the Finn Masters with three Russian sailors making the medal race, the first time any of them have done so.

The Finn World Masters is a unique event in the sailing world. It is a fascinating mix of experienced sailors and interesting characters, some of whom have been sailing Finns most of their lives. In addition, some of those in Sopot were sailing their first major Finn event, but all would agree that Finn sailing is a lifestyle choice that is second to none in terms of the atmosphere it generates on and off the water.

This video tries to bring together some of that atmosphere and fun nature of the event, as well as of the testing racing conditions on Gdansk Bay. Fun is a crucial element, with many sailors attending these events as much to catch up with old friends as to enjoy close racing against them. At the closing ceremony, Masters President Andy Dension (GBR) commented on the outstanding organisation by the Sopot Sailing Club. 'You have exceeded our expectations. You embraced the spirit of the Finn Masters and created a championship regatta in which the community of the Finn Masters can flourish.' That pretty much nails it on the head.

The closing ceremony and prizegiving was charged with energy and emotion as the class celebrated its heroes, old and new. Most of those who didn't make the podiums were as pleased for those who did as if they were there themselves. The fighting spirit still lives on in this bunch of oldies, but through their experience, they are also more secure in the knowledge that the journey is the reward, not the medal.

While the wind conditions were challenging and changeable, one element that stayed constant was the fabulous hospitality from the club and the camaraderie between the sailors. One sailor wrote, 'Hard day today. Exhausted. Awesome when four people come to help you pull your boat on the beach and a sailor you don't know puts a beer in your hand.'

2014 Finn World Masters

The only regret felt by the sailors was having to leave, as that meant it was all over for another year. Sopot Sailing Club and the city of Sopot had put on a show to be proud of and have created a legacy for Finn Masters sailing in Poland that will last for a considerable period of time.

The championship was closed in the traditional way by the Masters President presenting the club with a Finn flag signed by all the competitors. In return the Club President, Mr Piotr Hlavaty, handed back the official Class Flag that had been flying all week at the club since being raised the previous weekend.

2014 Finn World Masters

Good things must come to an end and the Sopot Finn World Masters 2014 is now over. All that is left is warm and happy memories of friendships made and renewed, both within the fleet and with our Polish hosts, and some intensely competitive, but ultimately fun and good-natured, racing. What immediately follows is the urgent and overpowering need to go and do it all over again. Preparations have already started for 2015 and in 342 days, the Finn World Masters fleet will gather once again, this time in Kavala, Greece.

2014 Finn World Masters

2014 Finn World Masters

Not a wave in sight! The boys struggle with the light conditions - this period was described by Eric Peron as 'perfect cruising conditions, except we're here to race!' - Volvo Ocean Race 2014-14 - Leg three - Dongfeng Race Team.
© Sam Greenfield / Volvo Ocean Race

2014 Finn World Masters Championship Sopot Poland, 6 - 13 June 2014 Results are final as of 15:11 on June 13, 2014 Overall Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 235, Scoring system: Appendix A
1GMaster14CZE1Michael Maier1964Yes1.0(10.0)
2GMaster257GER711Andre Budzien1962Yes1.01.0(7.0)
3Master211RUS161Aleksandr Kuliukin1973Yes(21.0)
4Master126ITA55Walter Riosa1966Yes(17.0)
5GMaster29FRA99Marc Allain Des Beauvais1956Yes3.015.0(119.0 BFD)
6GMaster34GBR2Allen Burrell1964Yes(11.0)
7GMaster99GER193Thomas Schmid1959Yes3.0(44.0)
8Master225SUI86Piet Eckert1968Yes(15.0)
9Master203RUS31Igor Frolov1965Yes4.0(82.0)
10Master224SUI5Christen Christoph1970Yes7.0(11.0)
11Master212RUS20Alexey Marchevskiy1968Yes(35.0)
12Master175NZL2Ray Hall1967Yes10.015.0(119.0 BFD)
13Master59GER707Uli Breuer1966 19.06.0(119.0 BFD)
14Master129LTU7Tauras Rymonis1966 (53.0)
15GGMaster249USA74Henry Sprague1945 (119.0 BFD)
16GMaster8AUT7Michael Gubi1959 14.010.0(17.0)
17Master169NED29Bas, De Waal1966
18Master244UKR8Taras Gavrish1974 28.018.0(119.0 BFD)
19Master237SWE3Christian Finnsgard1974 16.0(43.0)
20Master156NED7Cees Scheurwater1967 (35.0)
21Master217RUS205Sergei Stepanov1973 18.012.0(32.0)
22GMaster135NED54Joos Bos1955 14.013.0(38.0)
23Master111GER212Rainer Wolff1965 4.033.0(119.0 BFD)
24GMaster253ITA2Marco Buglielli1960 DNC)77.0
25GMaster240SWE59Edwall Lars1959 (47.0)
26GMaster49GBR720Julian Smith1964 17.0(54.0)
27GMaster213RUS51Mikhail Petriga1957
28Master144NED780Jan Willem Kok1968 32.07.0(68.0)
29Master102GER194Axel Schroeder1965 (52.0)
30GMaster140NED55Eddy Huisman1961 24.014.0(38.0)
31Master201RUS69Kharitonov Denis1965 (63.0)
32GMaster195RSA1Greg Davis1957
33Master232SUI83Beat Steffen1967 26.022.0(52.0)
34GGMaster174NZL9Rob Coutts1954 36.0(53.0)
35Master28FIN22Ville Valtonen1965 6.032.0(119.0 BFD)
36Master241SWE6Olof Lundqvist1972 12.0(119.0 BFD)
37Master236SWE22Stefan Fagerlund1966 2.0(49.0)
38GMaster4AUS3Jake Gunther1958 8.0(119.0 BFD)
39GMaster205RUS34Aleksandr Kasatov1962
40GMaster176NZL15Greg Wilcox1960 DNF)103.0
41GMaster258NED27Paul Kamphorst1964 12.0(50.0)
42GMaster242SWE14Stefan Nordstroem1964
43GMaster199RUS21Vladimir Butenko1962
44GMaster150NED46Hein Pieter Okker1959 19.021.0(119.0 DNC)
45GGMaster170NED50Jan Zetzema1954
46GGMaster142NED11Henk, De Jager1949 (78.0)
47Master45GBR52Will Patten1965
48Master46GBR635Simon Percival1973
49GGMaster138NED101Chris Frijdal1953
50Master181POL71Marek Jarocki1970 31.0(72.0)
51GMaster113GRE71Panagiotis Davourlis1960 27.03.0(119.0 DNC)
52GGMaster6AUS8Dirk Seret1945 22.0(70.0)
53GMaster77GER208Uwe Kinast1955 16.0(52.0)
54Master210RUS17Vasiliy Kravchenko1972 (72.0)
55Master231SUI25Till Klammer1968
56GMaster16CZE318Martin Plecity1957
57Master37GBR10Robert Deaves1967 33.0(119.0 BFD)
58Master154NED67Ronald Ruiter1973 (42.0)
59GMaster91GER909Udo Murek1961 DNC)142.0
60GMaster7AUS278John Warlow1962
61GMaster200RUS41Felix Denikaev1962 DNF)24.0113.0 DNC154.0
62GMaster256GER17Kai Schrader1964
63GGMaster149NED2Wouter Molenaar1950 26.0(51.0)
64GMaster191POL99Wlodzimierz Radwaniecki1964 DNC)31.016.0156.0
65GGMaster134NED10Nanne Boot1952
66Master178POL7Dariusz Czapski1972 5.0(58.0)
67GMaster22NED22Peter Hubregtsen1964 30.036.0(101.0)
68Master87GER165Dirk Meid1965 (119.0 BFD)119.0 BFD18.
69GMaster55GER62Uwe Barthel1955
70GGMaster226SUI1Hans Fatzer1948
71Master119HUN50Akos Lukats1972
72GMaster82GER122Holger Krasmann1961 DNC)27.0169.0
73GMaster40GBR61John Heyes1962 54.0(95.0)
74GMaster13CZE67Josef Jochovic1962
75Master108GER60Durach Thilo1966 60.0(74.0)
76Master72GER712Torsten Haverland1965 (57.0)
77Master35GBR708Michael, De Courcy1965 119.0 DNE(51.0)
78Master124ITA11Paolo Cisbani1965 49.066.0(119.0 DNC)
79Master58GER19Andreas Bollongino1965 (65.0)
80GMaster121HUN1Peter Sipos1956 DNC)52.0194.0
81GMaster229SUI13Peter Kilchenmann1956
82GMaster96GER111Haacks Rainer1961 DNC)37.0197.0
83Master190POL6Mieczyslaw Poplonyk1972 70.0(75.0)
84Master3AUS267Darren Gilbert1966 45.086.0(119.0 BFD)
85GMaster187POL26Boguslaw Nowakowski1957 43.0(54.0)
86GMaster245RUS25Anatoly Voshchennikov1964 41.020.0(119.0 BFD)
87GGMaster68GER202Rolf Elsaesser1951 40.011.0(64.0)
88GMaster123ITA212Lanfranco Cirillo1959 64.022.0(70.0)
89Legend39GBR631Richard Hart1939 BFD)210.0
90GMaster165NED100Arend Vandersluis1956 11.055.0(72.0)
91GGMaster158NED95Wobbe, De Schiffart1954 46.0(73.0)
92Legend90GER146Friedrich Mueller1942 (119.0 BFD)
93GMaster85GER103Ralf-Udo Lemke1956 DNC)47.0219.0
94Master206RUS16Oleg Khudiakov1970 59.0(119.0 BFD) DNC221.0
95GGMaster31FRA40Joseph Rochet1952
96GGMaster2AUS242Bob Buchanan1948
97Master18CZE222Petr Vinkl1965 75.055.0(79.0)
98Master23ESP315Santiago Reyero1971 RDG46.7 RDG(53.0)233.4
99GMaster107GER59Detlef Stock1964
100GMaster227SUI63Thomas Gautschi1963 43.072.0(119.0 DNC)
101GMaster132NED88Chiel Barends1957 58.056.0(73.0)
102GGMaster194RSA51Philip Baum1954 70.0(71.0)
103GMaster116HUN18Mihaly Zoltan Demeczky1957 66.0(87.0)
104GMaster53GBR35Soeren Vonsild1960 54.0(119.0 BFD)
105GMaster74GER84Michael Huellenkremer1955 56.0(80.0)
106GMaster171NED31Hans Zuurendonk1961 DNC)44.0247.0
107GMaster155NED5Rene Sala1957 DNC)48.0248.0
108GMaster152NED35Bas Proper1955 DNC)119.0 DNC37.0249.0
109GGMaster25FIN112Seppo Ajanko1951 RET)18.039.0250.0
110GGMaster15CZE8Jiri Outrata1947 DNF)252.0
111GMaster54GER236Lohmann Andreas1957 50.0(76.0)
112GGMaster215RUS142Yury Polovinkin1949 (119.0 BFD) DNC254.0
113Legend136NED8Rodrick Casander1944 56.041.0(119.0 BFD)
114GMaster207RUS71Leonid Kleimann1963 (85.0)
115GGMaster161NED1Jan Van Der Horst1954 DNC)54.0262.0
116GMaster27FIN2Juha Holma1963 (67.0)
117GMaster38GBR20Andy Denison1962 DSQ)30.026.0267.0
118Legend48GBR77Howard Sellars1941 DNF)113.0 BFD269.0
119Master153NED902Pieter Risseeuw1966 39.0(119.0 BFD)
120Master204RUS729Eugene Kalmykov1965 74.0(97.0)
121GGMaster21DEN11Jens Makholm (Mik Mak)1950 DNC)119.0 DNC45.0274.0
122GGMaster44GBR80Ray New1948 68.06.0(119.0 BFD)46.0119.0 DNC38.0277.0
123GGMaster139NED9Jobs Isselmann1945 (83.0)
124Master47GBR65David Potter1965 DNF)24.0286.0
125GMaster248USA1Andre Skarka1957 119.0 DNE78. DNC)292.0
126GMaster148NED82Roel Lubberts1961 64.082.0(90.0)
127Master62GER308Marco Colombo1965 32.0(119.0 BFD)
128GMaster239SWE91Par Friberg1959 65.0(86.0)
129Master114GRE5Ioannis Giaramanis1967 97.074.0(100.0)
130Master120HUN51Istvan Rutai1968 (86.0)
131GMaster42GBR1Sander Kooij1961 119.0 DNE(119.0 BFD) DNC318.0
132GMaster234SWE66Ulf Bjureus1959 (119.0 BFD)
133GMaster184POL10Jaroslaw Kula1961 79.092.0(119.0 BFD)
134Master128LTU27Rytis Bagdziunas1970 (109.0)
135GGMaster166NED885Bert Veerkamp1954 77.0100.0(119.0 BFD)
136Master78GER811Michael Knoll1973 (119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC85.
137GMaster192POL38Juliusz Reichelt1956 (119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC73.
138GMaster228SUI4Jiri Huracek1955 DNC)119.0 DNC69.0335.0
139GMaster198RUS1117Andrew Bill1960 DNF)119.0 DNC113.0 BFD339.0
140Master133NED58Maxim Berrens1970 (107.0)
141Master84GER710Walter Kuhlmann1966 (91.0)
142GMaster65GER45Sundermann Dirk1959 DNF)119.0 DNC60.0350.0
143GMaster235SWE2Svante Collvin1960 DNC)119.0 DNC70.0351.0
144Master216RUS27Kotlyarov Roman1972 (119.0 BFD)59.029.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC26.0352.0
145GMaster112GER248Eckehard Zuelow1962 DNC)52.0113.0 DNC354.0
146GMaster177POL21Jacek Binkowski1957 119.0 DNE63.068.0(73.0)49.067.0366.0
147GMaster75GER114Jacek Kalinski1963 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC370.0
148Master106GER43Ingo Spory1965 DNC)371.0
149Master98GER75Christian Rupp1967 78.0(119.0 BFD)81.0119.0 RET38.059.0375.0
150Master180POL28Cezary Jakubowski1972 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC381.0
151GMaster103GER58Thomas Schulz1958 DNC)119.0 DNC64.0383.0
152GMaster93GER217Carsten Niehusen1956 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC385.0
153GGMaster147NED13Harold Lensing1950 DNC)70.0385.0
154GGMaster131NED4Ruurd Baerends1953 23.013.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC387.0
155Legend222SUI29Hans Althaus1944 DNC)119.0 DNC73.0387.0
156GMaster105GER172Andreas Siggelkow1962 55.081.0(119.0 DNC)71.0119.0 DNC61.0387.0
157GMaster86GER116Jan Christoph Maiwaldt1960 44.047.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC62.0391.0
158GGMaster160NED820Hennie Van Den Brink1945 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC392.0
159GMaster89GER175Michael Moeckel1955 58.0(119.0 BFD)56.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC41.0393.0
160Master79GER247Ronny Knoll1971 (119.0 BFD)119.0 DSQ67.047.047.0113.0 DNC393.0
161Master254RUS18Evgeny Dzhura1973 94.099.0(119.0 RET)
162GGMaster67GER35Hans-Guenter Ehlers1947 DNF)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC398.0
163GGMaster179POL17Tomasz Holc1947 DNC)119.0 DNC58.0399.0
164GMaster83GER161Ralf Kratz1959 DNC)119.0 DNC44.0401.0
165Legend151NED93Gelmus Peeters1942 DNC)119.0 DNC58.0403.0
166GMaster17CZE232Jaromir Silhavy1964 DSQ)119.0 DNC49.0408.0
167GMaster164NED823Nico Van Wirdum1959 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC409.0
168GMaster97GER7Heinings Reiner1963 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC409.0
169GGMaster125ITA7Antonio Pitini1954 (119.0 BFD)24.041.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 BFD416.0
170Legend76GER89Gunter Kellermann1944 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC417.0
171Master183POL25Marek Kubat1974 111.0104.0(119.0 DNC)
172GGMaster71GER92Detlev Guminski1954 31.045.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC427.0
173GMaster94GER142Jonny Paech1955 (119.0 BFD)37.0119.0 BFD119.0 DNC119.0 DNC42.0436.0
174Master117HUN972Monus Gyula1972 92.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC58.058.0113.0 DNC440.0
175GGMaster130LTU24Linas Tamkvaitis1950 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC441.0
176GGMaster159NED848Pax Van De Griend1946 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC443.0
177Legend251RSA570Gerd Bohnsack1937 DNC)119.0 DNC68.0444.0
178GMaster118HUN81Solymosi Imre1960 DNC)119.0 DNC63.0449.0
179Legend88GER26Willi Meister1938 53.047.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC451.0
180GGMaster51GBR99John Torrance1947 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC452.0
181GGMaster247USA2Charles Heimler1954 38.063.0(119.0 DNF)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC452.0
182Master41GBR19Simon Hoult1969 48.0(119.0 DNC)54.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC453.0
183GGMaster32FRA800Zoccola Yves1946 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC453.0
184GGMaster162NED38Olaf Van Heusden1949 69.037.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC457.0
185GGMaster221RUS3Sergey Lukin1952 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC460.0
186Legend238SWE725Jan-Erik Floren1943 77.092.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC61.0468.0
187Legend81GER42Jurgen Kraft1940 66.052.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC469.0
188GMaster52GBR564Peter Vinton1958 95.0(119.0 BFD)89.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC48.0470.0
189GMaster223SUI3Lazzari Carlo1963 81.041.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC473.0
190GGMaster104GER293Georg Siebeck1946 76.0(119.0 DNC)46.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC473.0
191Legend92GER143Bernd Neumann1943 71.0(119.0 BFD)53.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC475.0
192Master127LTU8Dangis Babikas1967 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC478.0
193GGMaster33GBR58Paul Brown1948 DNF)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC478.0
194GMaster233SVK101Dusan Vanicky1960 67.0(119.0 DNF)63.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC481.0
195Legend109GER109Manfred Tomaszewski1942 RET)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC482.0
196GMaster9AUT21Erich Scherzer1956 99.089.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC56.0482.0
197GMaster69GER249Georg Feurer1961 RET)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC485.0
198GMaster10CAN3Ian Bostock1956 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC485.0
199GGMaster110GER178Norbert Winkler1953 88.050.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC489.0
200GMaster100GER198Andre Schmidt1962 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC489.0
201Legend60GER119Peter Bronke1943 73.065.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC489.0
202GGMaster56GER186Detlef Blaschkowski1954 79.060.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC490.0
203Master70GER911Patrick Frind1972 22.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC492.0
204GGMaster63GER34Borges Dieter1948 119.0 DNE23.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC493.0
205GGMaster19DEN77Flemming Bender Jensen1946 83.0(119.0 BFD)61.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC495.0
206Legend188POL3Jan Okulicz-Kozaryn1943 61.085.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC497.0
207GMaster250GBR727Paul Smith1961 DNS)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC498.0
208GGMaster157NED786Johan, De Schiffart1950 80.068.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC499.0
209GGMaster5AUS68Jay Harrison1952 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC499.0
210GGMaster137NED6Rob, De Cocq1951 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC503.0
211GGMaster141HUN9Tamas Beliczay1949 72.0102.098.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC504.0
212Master20DEN192Ole Blichfeldt Madsen1966 110.094.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC65.0507.0
213GGMaster12CZE76Jiri Dvorak1950 98.099.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC72.0507.0
214GGMaster243SWE7Hans Wiberg1950 73.084.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC508.0
215Master168NED119Steven Voorn1969 81.077.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC509.0
216Legend172NOR3Ola M Johannessen1938 87.0(119.0 BFD)119.0 BFD119.0 DNC119.0 DNC71.0515.0
217GGMaster186POL85Wojciech Nadolski1951 105.060.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC516.0
218GGMaster173NOR2Harald Vange1947 90.095.0102.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC519.0
219GGMaster167NED32Peter Verhoef1948 98.071.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC520.0
220GMaster163NED44Koen Van Os1955 86.083.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC520.0
221Legend255DEN33Christian Kongsbak Poulsen1940 89.085.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC525.0
222Legend101GER225Lothar Schmidt1939 (119.0 BFD)90.087.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC528.0
223Legend66GER46Peter Dr. Truhm1944 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC529.0
224Master252POL75Marek Krause1970 (119.0 BFD)119.0 DSQ70.0119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC540.0
225Legend145NED836Bart Kraan1940 106.084.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC541.0
226GGMaster182POL127Jan Kominek1954 93.097.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC541.0
227GMaster185POL19Tomasz Mikulski1960 100.093.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC544.0
228GGMaster95GER612Karl Prompeler-Kuhn1951 112.0101.0103.0(119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC113.0 DNC548.0
229Master189POL29Konrad Poninkiewicz1973 (119.0 DNC)100.0119.0 BFD119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC570.0
230Legend230SUI2Helmut Klammer1940 (119.0 BFD)119.0 BFD119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC589.0
230GMaster146NED60Luuk Kuijper1963 (119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC589.0
230Legend80GER9Friedrich Koch1939 (119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC589.0
230Legend57GER130Alfred Blum1935 (119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC589.0
230GMaster30FRA53Corcaud Bruneau1959 (119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC589.0
230Legend193POL74Janusz Taber1944 (119.0 DNC)119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC119.0 DNC113.0 DNC589.0