Every picture tells a story

Island Fling crew on the rail, start Race 6, IRC Racing division, Phuket King’s Cup 2006.
It couldn't have been better for the photos today at the Phuket King's Cup. Blue sky, clear air, flat water and good breeze are guaranteed to please the chaps with the cameras - especially this one.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is a 10,000-word article... but you didn't want to read all that, did you?
Mandrake sets up for a spinnaker hoist, Racing division, Race 7, Phuket King's Cup 2006
Ffree Fire 52 (left) running in company with Island Fling (right), Racing division Race 7, Phuket King's Cup 2006
Jelik (left) and Island Fling (right) go head-to-head in Race 7, Racing division, Phuket King's Cup 2006
Lunchcutter II (Racing 2 division) is chased down the run by Island Fling (Racing 1 division), race day 4, Phuket King's Cup 2006
Moon Shadow (Sportsboats division) squeezes round the leeward mark, Race 5, Phuket King's Cup 2006
Island Fling, Ffree Fire 52 and Mandrake line up for the starter. IRC Racing division, Race 7, Phuket King's Cup 2006
Konka Hummingbird preapes to drop the spinnaker, Race 6 IRC Racing Division, Phuket King's Cup 2006
Mandrake foredeck risking an 'early bath', IRC Racing division, Race 6, Phuket King's Cup 2006