Eva Lorenz produces her best result at Australian Optimist Championshi

Open fleet lining up on the River Derwent - 2013 International Australian Optimist Championship
Dane Lojek
Whitsunday school girl Eva Lorenz produced her career best result in the 2012-13 Australian Optimist dinghy championship contested on Tasmania’s cold and windy River Derwent.

Eva coached by her older brother and former Australian championship Bronze medallist Klaus expressed her talent to finish ninth overall and second female behind West Australian skipper Annabelle Davies.

This was a personal triumph for Eva who always has a smile on her face when she grips the tiller of her dinghy Ce La Faro be it with racing over the Whitsunday Sailing Club course on the warm tropical waters off tropical Airlie Beach or expressing her skill and determination to protect her sailing space in major regattas on unfamiliar courses.

She has produced her best results in boisterous wind and sea conditions and generally the harder the wind blows the better she likes it.

There has never been any evidence of a fear factor even when she was learning the ropes and subjected to recovering from spectacular broach induced wipe outs.

Quitting has never been an option for the ultra skipper even when light physique is subjected to a test of torture.

Her unique never say die style attitude was rewarded in the colder sailing environment on Hobart’s Sandy Bay when consistent sailing in what proved to be a supreme test of combined stamina and individual tactical racing skill enabled the happy Whitsunday sailor to be among the star performers in the championship which attracted 130 entries from New Zealand and all Australian States.

The mentally relaxed Eva who has a strong belief that sailing should always be fun spent some long energy testing times in the hiking straps to show she was ready to achieve a personal best in the five day 14 race championship.

As expected her championship score card progressively improved after finishing 20th in the first race.

She then had the snub-nose bow of Ce La Faro pointing in the right direction to achieve the required results to be now recognised as the second best female skipper in the Nation.

The deserved honour now allows Eva to proudly return to school later this month to share the experience with her class mates.