Etchells World - Change of weather brings change of fortune

Jim Cunningham and his team approach the windward mark en route to a pair of top-five finishes during Day 4 of the 2014 Etchells World Championships
Sharon Green/New York Yacht Club
The best sailors remember every detail of every race. But there are some days on the water that simply have to be forgotten. Day three of the 2014 Etchells World Championships, hosted by the New York Yacht Club in association with Sail Newport, was such a day for Jim Cunningham.

After waiting much of the day for a sailable breeze, Cunningham and his team of Jeff Madrigali, Mark Ivey and Bryn Bachman had a strong start and approached the first mark among the top 10 boats in the 95-boat fleet. With the rain pouring down and the breeze lightening, Cunningham’s boat stalled as he tried to sneak it around the first mark and he and his crew could only watch as half the fleet—some 40-odd boats—sailed past. They finished 50th in the race.

A front passed through overnight and replaced yesterday’s soggy, overcast weather with a fresh, dry northerly breeze and abundant sunshine. Cunningham and his team did likewise with their memories of yesterday’s race; and the results were spectacular: a third and a fourth and the satisfaction that comes with being the top team on the water for a single day at one of the sport's most competitive regattas.

'I am really proud of our team because we had such a difficult day yesterday,' said Cunningham, of San Francisco. 'We kept it together and focused on our job today, which was to figure out the day and look forward. That’s really how we approached all this, just keep looking forward.'

With today’s breeze blowing off the land, Cunningham said the team focused intently on playing the variations in the breeze, both in direction and velocity.

'The tactical calls today were really good,' said Cunningham, 'we stayed in pressure and we played a fair amount of shifts on the first beat of the first race, we weren’t just glued to one side.'

The breeze lightened as the day went on, and Cunningham said another key was switching to lighter-wind sails in between the two races.

The two top-five finishes moved Cunningham and his team into 14th overall. Two-time world champion Bill Hardesty is still in the lead after finishing fifth and 13th in today’s races. The latter result was particularly impressive as Hardesty rounded the first mark in the bottom third of the fleet and ground his way back to earn a positive result. That result proved very significant in the overall standings as Hank Lammens, the skipper of the second-place boat in the regatta, struggled to a 47th. Hardesty now has an 18-point lead going into the final day of the competition.

2014 Etchells World Championship Results:

Bow Sail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignSkipper/CrewRace
World Championship Racing

One Design Division

International Etchells

1.79USA 979Line HonorsEtchellsBill Hardesty / Taylor Canfield / Stephanie Roble / Marcus Eagan 222014513[20]27.0

2.39CAN 1396CAN 1396EtchellsHank Lammens / Jens Bojsen-Moller / Steve Girling 1811216747[47]45.0

3.33HKG 1333Swedish BlueEtchellsAnte Razmilovic / Chris Larson / Stuart Flinn 3684414193[44]53.0

4.72USA 1372AretasEtchellsSkip Dieball / John McClean / Jeff Eiber 38134197171[38]61.0

5.78USA 1378The MartianEtchellsMarvin Beckmann / Steve Hunt / Ezra Culver 83115154632[46]74.0

6.8USA 1308KGBEtchellsSenet Bischoff / Ben Kinney / Clay Bischoff 102025521312[52]89.0

7.96USA 1296AppreciationEtchellsJeffrey Siegal / Tim Healy / Willem Van Waay / Sarah Callahan 1717161747820[47]95.0

8.38AUS 1383TriadEtchellsJohn Bertrand / Grant Simmer / Andrew Palfrey 410528272353[53]97.0

9.37USA 1137La TormentaEtchellsShannon Bush / Brad Boston / Curt Oetking 261631376216[37]106.0

10.76USA 1376ArethusaEtchellsPhil Lotz / Eric Doyle / Rodrigo Meireles 918696/BFD52912[96]106.0

11.88USA 1388AnnieEtchellsGary Gilbert / Mark Mendleblatt / Luke Lawrence 4552248508[50]110.0

12.58AUS 1306The Hole WayEtchellsCameron Miles / Grant Crowle / David Sampson 39/ZFP96/BFD40911147[96]120.0

13.69NZL 1348NZL 1348EtchellsAndrew Wills / Anatole Masfen / Matthew Kelway 50282620132017[50]124.0

14.4USA 1404LiftedEtchellsJim Cunningham / Jeff Madrigali / Mark Ivey / Bryn Bachman 42432405034[50]125.0

15.41USA 1411ElizabethEtchellsTom Carruthers / Chris Busch / Andrew Campbell 512374651624[51]130.0

16.62USA 1262ScimitarEtchellsStewart Neff / Will Welles / Henry Brauer 1357511822429[57]137.0

17.11USA 1198America Jane 11EtchellsScott Kaufman / Justin Law / Jesse Kirkland / Austen Anderson 2514426281041[62]140.0

18.53USA 1228TerrapinEtchellsStephen Benjamin / Moose McLintock / Phil Trinter 16221725332771[71]140.0

19.97USA 1397Raging RoosterEtchellsPeter Duncan / Thomas Blackwell / Judson Smith 2725338451363[63]151.0

20.29USA 1229VivaEtchellsDon Jesberg / Scott Mason / Ed Wright 4054283201186[86]156.0

21.16GBR 1036EspritEtchellsRobert Elliott / Stuart Childerley / Sam Richmond 4843302424021[48]160.0

22.92AUS 1393BootrossEtchellsMark Bradford / Brad Butterworth / Will McCarthy 58211478301230[78]165.0

23.17UKR 1297ArcturEtchellsVasyl Gureyev / Andriy Shafranyuk / Vitalii Kushnir 21771939443314[77]170.0

24.26HKG 1269RX2EtchellsMark Thornburrow / Bucky Smith / Malcolm Page / Simon Cooke 53/ZFP12196/BFD54385[96]172.0

25.77USA 1149MoneyballEtchellsBlaine Pedlow / Danny Pavel / Justin Boitano 30274832126528[65]177.0

26.89USA 928Something GoodEtchellsTito Gonzalez / Trinnidad Gonzalez / Bill Mauk / Ched Proctor 36238034371534[80]179.0

27.85USA 1285Midlife CrisisEtchellsBruce Golison / Bill Lynn / Richard Clarke / Dina Corsi 5258796/BFD39123[96]180.0

28.94USA 1394Amercian BabyEtchellsGeorge Francisco / Michael Guerriero / Zach Railey 18242323693074[74]187.0

29.91AUS 1391TangoEtchellsChris Hampton / Ian Walker / Matt Johns 1240824852857[82]190.0

30.12USA 1012NatashaEtchellsTed Hardenbergh / James Hardenbergh / Mark Hardenbergh 7304671382556[71]202.0

31.68USA 1168MahalagaEtchellsPeter Vessella / John Callahan / Tracy Usher 22292296/BFD283566[96]202.0

32.40SIN 1340MatatuEtchellsNils Razmilovic / Brian Hammersley / Andrew Mills 38/ZFP366941102455[69]204.0

33.5USA 1305Clean ExecutionEtchellsMichael Gavin / William Abbott / Paul Davis 4673552934725[73]205.0

34.52USA 1222Marx BrosEtchellsChris Marx / Tom Marx / Dan Ronan 78/ZFP59154701642[78]206.0

35.3SUI 1403No DramasEtchellsJames (Seamus) McHugh / Andy Beadsworth / Simon Fry 2396/BFD96/DSQ2136269[96]211.0

36.55USA 1355LuckyEtchellsBryon Ehrhart / Rodney Hagebols / Chris Lefferdink 1438677573759[67]212.0

37.27CAN 1327BlackadderEtchellsAndrew Cumming / Brian Kamilar / Eric Aronsohn / Victor Diaz de Leon 4196/BFD2754632210[96]217.0

38.48USA 1248USA 1248EtchellsWill Ricketson / Annie Haeger / Luke Ramsay / Addison Caproni 80113961264239[80]218.0

39.45BER 1412TiberonEtchellsMark Watson / Dirk Kneulman / Andreas Josenhans 6071843415291[91]221.0

40.23USA 1199USA 1199EtchellsW. Jay Mills / Christopher Constant / William J. Mills III / Luke Reich 96/BFD9291480289[96]223.0

41.98USA 1398Firing LineEtchellsBruce Burton / Glenn Burton / Jon Easley 6332966564815[66]223.0

42.15USA 1405CarambaEtchellsJose Fuentes / Geoff Ewenson / Greg Hryniewicz 37642435214372[72]224.0

43.64HKG 13641364EtchellsFrank Van Kempen / Gregory Kearns / Ronan Collins 43371373425833[73]226.0

44.7USA 1307NemesisEtchellsJeff Nehms / Bill Johns / Tim Banks 55496816433926[68]228.0

45.9USA 1309Landed GentryEtchellsDon Brush Ken Fells / Kevin Hawko 71393527245944[71]228.0

46.21USA 1221RivaEtchellsWade Edwards / Timo Platt / Ben Newman 51/ZFP333350663231[66]230.0

47.84AUS 1384PantherEtchellsSteve O'Rourke / Terry Yuill / Burke Melia 88353630656011[88]237.0

48.18USA 988USA 1185EtchellsTomas Hornos / Josh Revkin / Andy Casey 67311242464575[75]243.0

49.35GBR 1354Strait DealerEtchellsDavid Franks / Graham Sunderland / Bleddyn Mon / Amy Prime 49415049346122[61]245.0

50.20USA 1208Gumption3EtchellsKevin Grainger / Max Skelley / Karl Anderson 6197633608452[84]246.0

51.73USA 1373VictoryEtchellsBuddy Cribb / Eamonn deLisser / Stuart deLisser 29461074496448[74]246.0

52.42USA 398Skanky GeneEtchellsJay Cross / Jeremy Wilmot / Aubrey Mayer / Lauren Gillooly 15507253184477[77]252.0

53.75USA 13751375EtchellsArgyle Campbell / Robert Kinney / Payson Infelise 92/ZFP154936647218[92]254.0

54.30USA 1300USA 1300EtchellsMichael Dressell / Ernie Pomerleau / Chris Morgan / Justin Callahan 65728410295727[84]260.0

55.50AUS 1150Chelsea LadyEtchellsBill Steele / Jake Gunther / David Heritage 74444513238961[89]260.0

56.36USA 1363UntouchableEtchellsJustin Palm / Chris Clark / Tom Dawson 5779736394916[79]267.0

57.46AUS 1325Iris IIIEtchellsPeter McNeill / Roger Hickman / Phil Smidmore 6170586196268[70]274.0

58.87IRL 987BedrockEtchellsDavid Burrows / Richard Burrows / Samantha Burrows 66265683296/DNC96/DNC[96]284.0

59.44USA 944FireflyEtchellsMeredith Carroll / Peter Carroll / Allan Terhune / Mitchell Callahan 47883447585160[88]297.0

60.49BER 1249ThrashEtchellsTim Patton / Peter Martin / Jason Owen 31757179611843[79]299.0

61.74USA 1085CougarEtchellsEthan Doyle / Will Graves / Matt Szala 77697026742937[77]305.0

62.43GBR 1407IceEtchellsAndrew Cooper / James Downer / Robert O'Leary 64455431797140[79]305.0

63.2UAE 1400African QueenEtchellsJan Muysken / Gavin Brady / Brad Farrand 56426111825482[82]306.0

64.70USA 971Miss MurphyEtchellsKjeld Hestehave / Ian Storer / Lynne Shore 39347468556745[74]308.0

65.67CAN 968JRWOneDesignEtchellsJerry Wendt / Alex Baker / Mike Nichol 7085/ZFP4464255658[85]317.0

66.95AUS 1395Should'a Gone LeftEtchellsPeter Coleman / Iain Gartley / Wayne Dixon 24628545407480[85]325.0

67.65AUS 1165KirribilliEtchellsDoug Flynn / Alex Flynn / Andy Green 96/RET637776175538[96]326.0

68.19USA 819Make Mine a DoubleEtchellsJeff Borland / Reid McLaughlin / Brian Robinson 35487896/BFD676336[96]327.0

69.22AUS 1022Screaming PlumEtchellsDoug Kerr / Greg Kerr / Luke Paterson 52/ZFP614156757354[75]337.0

70.32AUS 932KarabosEtchellsPaul Garaty / Dean Blatchford / Richard Allanson 11535796/DSQ875378[96]339.0

71.99AUS 1399Thats LifeEtchellsIan Crisp / Marcus Sill / Fergus Forbes 28516570849049[90]347.0

72.60USA 1260PlaymakerEtchellsAlan Kelly / Jonathan Forsberg / Robbie Brown 75555951773485[85]351.0

73.51AUS 511Grand VEtchellsGordon Hinds / Stephen Ingate / Nicholas Ingate 96/DSQ675255316979[96]353.0

74.59USA 1238WhirlwindEtchellsChristopher Brady / Catherine Guiader / James McKenna / Melissa Deveney 5384538696/DNF6619[96]361.0

75.83NZL 1083EchelonEtchellsGavin Gerrard / Richard Bouzaid / Ross Bannan / Troy Bannan 8580642296/DNF8335[96]369.0

76.71USA 13711371EtchellsKen Womack / Watt Duffy / Cary Trapani 72866287534164[87]378.0

77.93GBR 992China WightEtchellsNicholas Stagg / Kim Ridge / David Bedford 54476358788088[88]380.0

78.13USA 1313CrapshootEtchellsPatricia Stadel / Ralph Carpenter / Andrew Coldicutt 76767557357862[78]381.0

79.82USA 1212CarinaEtchellsJonathan Nye / Ray Harrington / Karl Fjeld 96/DNF687915627583[96]382.0

80.63AUS 963The RatEtchellsGrantham Kitto / Bradley Moore / Tim Ward / Rachel Mullins 81524765717773[81]385.0

81.86AUS 868Yandoo XXEtchellsJeanne-Claude Strong / Neville Wittey / Marcus Burke / Tiana Wittey 51716060837967[83]388.0

82.81USA 1301Mary AnnEtchellsPeter Shumaker / Lindsey Horvat / Kenneth Flaska 84603872767669[84]391.0

83.56GBR 1329StampedeEtchellsRob Goddard / Scott Findley / Nigel Wakefield 79784377688646[86]391.0

84.57USA 575PerezosoEtchellsMark Luckes / Rick Humphrey / Josh White 68818169906851[90]418.0

85.10USA 1103IndefinitelyEtchellsTodd Lalumiere / Matthew Lalumiere / Charlie Lalumiere 44658375888765[88]419.0

86.34HKG 1344Mind the BumpsEtchellsJohn Breen / Denis Martinet / Mike Huang / Chandler Gregoire 82838759857050[87]429.0

87.90USA 1097Eduardo EspecialEtchellsEd Holt / Ernest Freeland / Sarah Russell 96/BFD666688598584[96]448.0

88.28USA 1328Hat TrickEtchellsMark Toso / Terry Naylon / Joshua Toso 87748667738170[87]451.0

89.24AUS 1124GumptionEtchellsMichael Morris / Geoff Masters / Joshua Singh / Maclean Paton 86859381893681[93]458.0

90.61USA 1061PanacheEtchellsPaul V. McLaughlin / Rob Gorman / Wayne Huntley 62569182868290[91]458.0

91.31CAN 931ImpudenceEtchellsDavid Lowther / Anthony Lowther / Andrew Lowther 69898885918876[91]495.0

92.14NZL 1114WindwardEtchellsCharles Maud / Luke Carter / Scott Clark 90879283729192[92]515.0

93.25AUS 1025Walk on WaterEtchellsGlenn Norton / Peter Rattray / Richard Hodgson 8982908096/DNF9293[96]526.0

94.1AUS 401OzziEtchellsAl Harrison / Ian Staples / Brady Lowe 8390948996/DNC9387[96]536.0

95.54USA 54Christine FrancisEtchellsDaniel Smith / Sara Smith / Gregory Hoyt 96/DNF96/DNC89848196/DNF96/DNC[96]542.0